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We Create Brand Identity that Guarantees Brand Loyalty through Consistent Brand Recall

As your branding partner we strive to develop a brand identity so powerful, that you enjoy increasing revenues just off of your brand name.

Define Your Own Brand Identity, Before the Market does it for You

When it comes to your customers’ view of your brand, you need to move fast before market perceptions define you. Apart from your brand’s values, the way you interact with your customers plays a major role in your brand’s identity. The initiatives you take in service of your customers will sketch market attitude towards you. This is why Digital Auxilius employs every tool at our best to develop a robust corporate identity that ensures long term brand recall.

Remain Unaffected Amidst Heightening Competition by Instilling Brand Trust within Your Target Market

Robust Digital and Traditional Promotion that Drives Leads

Consistent Revenue

Through website, social media, SEO, and SEM, we ensure that your brand is everywhere, all the time 24/7.

Stay Ahead of Competition

We devise a corporate identity so personable that you will see heightened brand loyalty regardless of growing competition.

Appease Every Target Market

Have an ever-changing target market? Our team can morph its skills to produce strategies for every requirement.

Research Developed Strategies

Our team develops every brand identity strategy through comprehensive research of your brand, industry, and consumers.


Our team developed a vibrant corporate identity for the talented Pakistani designer fashion brand. We rebuilt them a new website that would show off their passion for color play. Even their social media posts and stories were filled with dynamic visual content to engage the target market.

Tassels Brand Identity Design By Digital Auxilius

Premier Home Health

Our team established Premier Home Health as one of the most trustworthy home healthcare resources in the medical industry. We designed a professional website, consistent guest posting, business card designs etc. that continues to rack up leads to this day.

Premier Home Health Corporate Identity Design By Digital Auxilius

Revive Research Institute

This Michigan based research institute engaged in guerilla brand identity development to appeal their ever-changing target demographic. To encourage their participation in Revive’s studies we developed flyers, brochures, business stationery, website and social media pages.

Revive Brand Identity Design By Digital Auxilius

Prime Revival

Similar to Revive Research Institute, Prime Revival had an evolving target demographic. To boost participation, we decided to disperse as much information as possible. We developed brochures, flyers, website pages, blogs, business stationery, and social media posts.

Prime Revival Corporate Identity Design By Digital Auxilius

“I used to think I only needed a website to lubricate my profit margins. However, after a consultation with Digital Auxilius I realized I had to RETAIN my customers to see profits, long term. That could only happen with a brand identity which I knew nothing about. The team built me a dynamic brand identity which still shows me returns to this day.”

Remain at the Forefront of your Customer’s Mind with Our Corporate Identity Strategies

Digital Auxilius utilizes every tool and resource in their keeping to not only disperse your brand identity but to also make it unforgettable. We digitally dispose little nuggets of visual and textual content that slowly edges your brand into your target market’s mind.

We craft digital and traditional promotional items like websites, social media posts, blogs, infographics, business cards, business stationery, flyers and brochures. This helps us target your ideal buyers through different modes ensuring total engagement, brand trust, brand recall, and brand loyalty.


Projects Delivered Successfully


Different Graphic Services


Client Satisfaction

Digital Auxilius – Our integrated brand agency lets your brand make a dynamic and lasting impression.

Every brand has its story to narrate, but only those who corroborate it to the world survive amongst the fittest. Prominent brand identity not only marks a conspicuous impression but also magnifies the brand’s recall for years to come. However, what seems a cumbersome approach to get on board, gets way easier with the right team.

At Digital Auxilius, we understand the importance of brand identity and work relentlessly to help brands achieve it. Our multifaceted branding agency has helped numerous brands find their true identity and represent it in a constructive manner.  Our team has curated an all-encompassing brand strategy for brands of all sizes and magnitudes to help them connect with their target audience.

Brand Identity and Corporate Identity Design

I knew my business, but I couldn't express its persona. Digital Auxilius guided me through the entire thought process towards a strategized brand identity. Today, my brand brings in global recognition and traffic that exceeds my expectations.

Jason MylesC.E.O

We Drive Data to Spur Creativity and Customer-Engagement

A number of processes influence lead generation and conversion. We take pride in our skills to rely on data to fuel better traffic and engagement. We revel in our exemplary research and analysis to deliver nothing but the very best.

Email Marketing

Despite being the oldest marketing channel, email marketing continues to reign the throne. We amplify this marketing strategy to let your brand stand out in a crowded mailbox.

Logo Design

Do more with social media than a random tweet or Instagram post. Let us use your social platform to connect to the audience on a bigger, and better scale.


Nothing empowers a business than a tech-savvy website that captivates and converts traffic. Our exemplary web services let your audience visit, stay, and convert.

Social Media

A logo may be a miniature design on a corner of a page, but it can make or break a brand’s identity. Our intriguing logo designs reflect the brand and linger on to the audience’s mind.

Through Years of Research, We have Developed a Corporate Identity Strategy that Drives Results

Digital Auxilius went through a lot to craft a streamlined process that allows our teams to collaborate with each other effortlessly. We pride ourselves in our timely delivery of projects, which can only be accomplished through a simplified process.


Requirement Gathering


Market Research


Brand Identity Strategy


Implementing Strategy


Analysis and Evaluation


Updates and Edits

Hear from Our Clients! We have a Corporate Identity Strategy – for Every Industry

Over the years we have racked up a roster of clients hailing from various industries. Whether it is fashion, healthcare, finance, or research institutes, our experienced professionals can create a brand identity for everyone. Have a look at our corporate identity strategy for the following clients.

NOIP Brand Identity Design By Digital Auxilius

North Oakland Internists, PC

NOIP wanted to reboot their brand identity to look like a more proactive part of Michigan’s healthcare community. We redesigned their website and logo, engaged in vigorous guest posting, and fashioned new business cards to disseminate a new brand look.

Read The Case Study

Revival Research Institute

This new research institute needed a potent corporate identity strategy that allowed their target market to trust them enough to participate. We developed Revival a website from scratch, a new logo, social media pages, along with brochures and flyers. Currently, Revival sees numerous sign-ups on every study they introduce, with many showing up to the site.

Read The Case Study
Revival Corporate Identity Design By Digital Auxilius

Frequently Asked Questions

Having a burning question, you want answered? We might have done that already, have a look through our list or shoot us an email.

What is brand identity?

Brand identity is comprised of visual elements such as color, design, and logo that identify and distinguish the brand in consumers’ minds.

Why is brand identity important?

If you want to enable consistent returns you have to develop quality relationships with customers. Your target will only be attracted to you if they believe you share their values, and identify with their needs. This also enables brand recall, and pushes the customers to revisit you rather than explore your competitors.

How long does it take to do branding with your brand identity design agency?

Typically, your brand’s identity will take 2 months to properly materialize over the internet. However, depending on your business and its processes it might take longer for you to see the results. We are often engaging in strategy development that leads to long term results, and not instant results.

What tools does your branding agency use to design a brand identity?

We usually use tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Adobe After Effects, and Figma to devise your brand identity.

How do your brand identity specialists communicate with customers?

Digital Auxilius often uses Slack, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams to communicate with its clients. We conduct weekly, or bi-weekly, check-ins to discuss project progression, answer questions, and address other necessary queries. We consistently keep our clients up to date via other modes of communications to ensure no loopholes plague project progress.

Let’s convert your idea into a reality

Schedule a Free Expert Session with Digital Auxilius Head of Sales

We are excited to hear from you and be a part of the next big great idea. Send us a message with your requirements and our representative will get back to you within a couple of hours.

    UI/UX Design

    At Digital Auxilius, our goal is to render businesses capable of winning their customer’s confidence. Our sophisticated UI/UX design services put forward our client’s narrative in a manner that engages the audience.

    Logo Design

    A logo is responsible for creating a long-lasting impression. We create tailor-made logo designs for our clients that resonate in the customer’s minds for a long time.

    Business Card Design

    A business card is a miniature billboard that fits into your pocket. Our team of skilled designers creates customized business cards that retain a timeless identity for your brand.

    Brand Identity Design

    Brand identity is important to remain at the surface of a myriad of other similar businesses. We employ thorough research to create a distinct brand identity for our clients.

    Animation Design

    Animation design plays an important role to promote brand messaging. Our craft-savvy team put to use enthralling animation that breathes life into the site interface.

    Product Photography

    Product photography depicts the quality of the brand itself. At Digital Auxilius, we convey a clear picture of your product to your consumers to make a good impression.