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Lead Converting Custom Website Design Developed with Research Gathered Tools

We can build you a custom website design that will do all the convincing
and converting for you.

Sell better, and enjoy greater brand loyalty, by humanizing your brand to your target market

In 2022 it is all about communicating with your customers and building a long-term relationship with them. Gone are the days of elusive corporations that limited their consumer interactions to buying and selling of products. Businesses are lamenting their socials and websites with their history, values, and details on the innards of their organization. All of this is done in a bid to become more relatable to their customers. And what better way to do that than with your customized website?

Build an unforgettable website user journey with our custom website development company

Our expensive custom website development process has been curated through years of data gathering.

Front-End Custom Development

This is the coding of the frontend of the website which the users interact with. This typically entails the slide-out menus and image carousels.

Back-End Development

This aspect controls the entire performance of the website. This contains custom web-programming, in-house data integration support, etc.

Better Data Security

A well-researched custom website design company knows that poor security barriers can wreak havoc on a business. Hence, they apply high quality security tools to protect your website from cyber-attacks.

Elevate ROI

Every aspect of your website is developed to achieve your organizational goals. Doing that will boost sales and subsequently increase your ROI.

Meets Target Market’s Needs

Being able to meet your customers’ demands will cultivate brand loyalty, and help you ascend the product life cycle.

Website that Browsers Love

To become an online hit, your custom website development to center around search engine friendliness. You have to ensure that CSS and HTML are optimized according to SEO rules.

Easy Third-Party Integration

Custom website design will help you to integrate third-party APIs. Not only that, they reduce overall cost and incorporate existing programs your customers have been using like Google Maps.

Building credibility

In these modern times brand loyalty depends significantly on how much the brand shares about itself. Your custom website design is useless if it cannot portray your brand’s objective clearly and persuasively.

Digital Auxilius – A custom website design company that consistently researches and innovates ways to cultivate brand loyalty that persists

At Digital Auxilius we believe in the process and organization when it comes to helping our clients achieve their objectives. We take a more holistic approach to our custom website development process where we always factor in our digital marketing efforts. Our trick is to develop website designs that take in the customer’s viewpoint. What does the visitor want to see? What would they respond to? How much information do they need?

As soon as we get a new client, we instinctively dive deep into market research. We look at the industry you work in, your competitors, and your target market (plus your future target market). We then take a look at your organization – its past, present and the future. We take it from the belief that you should always be prepared for the long term. We develop a custom website design and digital marketing strategy that will throttle your future competitors and attract the next generation of consumers.

Custom Website Development By Digital Auxilius

After a lot of thought I finally took the plunge and partnered up with Digital Auxilius to get a custom website design developed. I have had other websites developed but none have been as perceptively smart as the one Digital Auxilius created!

Jaxson AdamCEO

Custom website design or ready-made website templates? Which one should you choose?

Your website acts as the primary customer touchpoint for your business.

According to eCommerce Foundation around 88 percent of US consumers tends to do their online research before visiting a store. This is why it is so important that you develop a website that showcases your brand in a way your target market wants to see.

The key to ensuring visitor response is to create a responsive website.

But the question is – should you go for a custom website design or a website template?

With a website template you make minor changes like font styles, colors, and image additions. But for the most part what you see is what you get. With a custom website design, you get to infuse your brand’s message and core values into your primary promotional platform. This is also why Digital Auxilius likes to remain in close proximity of their clients to understand their brand better.

It is then that we begin our custom web development process that personifies the benefits of a tailored website.

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Website Experience Optimized for Customers

Your custom website design company will build you a website your customers will like. Through a user-centric structure your website will deliver real business results that can turn into sustainable profit margins.

Website Design that Google Likes

Your custom website design company will come packed with a digital marketing team. This means you get an SEO team as well. Plus, since the entire agency would be privy to your objectives, you can expect an SEO strategy that works.

Website that is Adaptive to Updates

There is always a new trend in the market. Customers are continuously looking for, and responding to, new web designs. With professional custom website design, you leave room for expansion. Your custom website design company will consistently be on the lookout for updates to incorporate.

Website Hosting Flexibility

Having better control of your website hosting means you have better control of your website’s optimization. You can take advantage of tools and technologies along with scaling better than what you would get from website builders.

Research Gathered, Expandable Custom Website Development
Tools that Deliver Results

We believe that high quality, modern tools are imperative in establishing investment returns that grow over time. Digital Auxilius relies on web development tools that not only engage users but secure the website as well.

Ruby on Rails

This server-side web application framework is a model-view-controller structure. It provides default structures for database, web service, and web pages. It also facilitates the use of JSON or XML, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

React JS

A free and open source, front-end JavaScript library for developing user interfaces centered around UI components. It is supported by Meta and can be used to create single-page, mobile, or server-rendered applications with structures like Next.js.


Angular is a TypeScript related free and open-source web framework developed by the Angular Team in Google. Used as the frontend of the MEAN stack comprised of MongoDB database, Expess.js, AngularJS, and Node.js server runtime environment.


This open-source PHP web framework follows the model-view-controller architectural pattern and is based on Symfony. Modular packaging system attached to a devoted dependency manager, access to relational databases utilities and maintenance are some of its prized features.

Our custom website development process goes beyond creating webpages

We work to not just produce results, but to produce results that take you long term. When you work with us you have an entire digital marketing team at your behest ready to do your bidding. After a lot of studying, we have created a work process that not only accommodates punctuality but quality as well.


Requirement Gathering


Discussing and Strategizing


Sample Sharing and Approval


Front-End and Back-End Development


Final Client Approval


Digital Marketing Implementation

We have been fortunate to try out our skills within various industries

Over the years Digital Auxilius has worked with numerous clients hailing from various niches of the global market. This has allowed us to expand our learning and refine our catalogue of tools and processes.

Revive Research Website by DAX UI UX Designer

Revive Research Institute

This Michigan based clinical research institute wanted a website that would help them garner their target participants. They wanted a website that would provide ample space for their values, their current work, and their contribution to science. We built them a custom website design that rationed ample space for information and calls to action.

Read The Case Study

Lung N Sleep

This Michigan native pulmonary and sleep clinic wanted to detail how they could help patients heal the most complicated of ailments. Not only that, but they also wanted to make appointment bookings easy and simple for website visitors. They understood that a lot of people are not aware of the many pulmonary and sleep issues clinics can solve. They wanted an information centric website that would let the visitors feel seen. We, thus, built them a website drenched in information with website content and blogs, while making room for CTAs.

Custom Website Design Company

Frequently Asked Questions

Having a burning question, you want answered? We might have done that already, have a look through our list or shoot us an email.

What does custom web development mean?

Custom web development is about customizing your website for your brand, product, business objective, and services. Your website would be unique to you. Other than the website design your custom website would include several features that boost its efficiency.

What are the benefits of custom web development for your business?

Custom website solutions will give you a competitive edge and get you noticed by Google as well. Moreover, it will also be made to fit the type of business you are. Every business has its own needs, for example a healthcare-based website would contain a lot of information whilst a restaurant would be content with some photos and a snap of their menu.

What sets custom web development apart from a ready-made template?

Website templates are popular because they offer beginners just enough maneuver room to “tailor” their website. Everything else is already developed with the user getting the option to just alter font size, website color theme, etc. It is time saving yet restrictive. On the other hand, custom websites will give you a lot of room for changes. Furthermore, a team of experienced professionals who will persistently update you and your website with what is working in the market.

How long does it take to develop a custom website?

A professional website development company will take 1 to 2 months to build everything from scratch. Alternatively, website builders will take a couple of days since they have limited options for changes and development.

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