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The Challenge

Despite holding themselves accountable for a noble cause of medical advancement, supervised by illustrious healthcare professionals, Prime Revival was struggling insurmountably to gain trust with their target market. Clinical research trials are a tricky feat to accomplish, but to get people to trust you enough to offer up themselves for experimentation is a whole other ballgame.

Though their website was sophisticated it lacked the necessarily elements that would consistently build a sense of assurance that they will be safe in the hands of Prime Revival’s professionals and staff.


Despite an elegant color scheme, they failed to disperse their abundant awareness and knowledge of science and medicine to their target audiences. Hence, the lack of trust was consequential, and something that DAX had to work diligently, with Prime Revival, to create and nurture.

We had to create different sources of correspondence that would allow the organization to mold a relationship with their target demographics, and share their work, methods, and contribution to the medical world.


Website Development, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management


Prime Revival Research

What We Did

Reconstruction of their Website, Addition of SEO Strategies, and Creation and Management of their Social Media Pages.

Digital Auxilius’
Market Research

DAX understood that Prime Revival would have to fire on all cylinders if they wanted their target demographics to trust them. Considering the fragility of a process like clinical research trials we wanted to create a funnel of quality content that added to visitors’ growing faith in Prime Revival’s mechanizations. We wanted to prove to the visitors that Prime Revival knew what they were doing through intelligent blogs, and further exacerbate this notion through social media.

Digital Auxilius’


DAX rebuilt the company’s website so that every component the visitor would look at would just add to the perception that Prime Revival is well-versed in clinical research practices and that you are in safe hands when you participate. To humanize the firm, we also set up their social media pages, which we update diligently, so that the potential participants could interact with the organization and get to know firsthand about their work.

DAX made the impossible, possible! They got people to trust us with themselves for our clinical research trials, with many of them appearing for other studies as well.

Prime Revival ResearchHead of Marketing

Staying at pace with the industry

Clinical Research poses a lot of responsibility on the organization’s, which you can use as competitive advantage to garner participants. If you can devise a clever way to digitally showcase how well the firm is handling this duty, you can gather a solid clientele.

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