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The Challenge

North Oakland Internists, PC had a difficult time standing out in a slew of healthcare institutes offering their services online. Though NOIP offered research developed medical services manned by seasoned professionals, they still needed assistance in delivering this message to their target market. Their previous website failed to showcase the potential that NOIP possessed. It neglected to convey the talent for customer relationships their experienced doctors were endowed with.

Their website was also proving incapable of producing the leads NOIP deserved. A good chunk of its target market leads were being eaten up by competing healthcare institutes who had perfected the art of relaying a message through their website. There was also a severe lack of SEO strategies being utilized that would help them appear in the top Google search results pages. Despite a clean user interface, there was a callous deficiency of details that would let NOIP to be viewed as the trustworthy healthcare service that it is.


Website Development and Digital Marketing


NOIP – North Oakland Internists, PC

What We Did

Redid their UI – User Interface and Applied SEO Strategies

Digital Auxilius’

When NOIP approached Digital Auxilius for assistance we started with conducting marketing research. We explored their target customers’ demands, what is being fulfilled and what isn’t. Then we scrutinized their competitors, evaluated how they were fulfilling customer demands, and were they aware of any market gaps. We dissected every aspect of their website such as the user interface, the brand message, and how they portray their capacity for customer relationships.

Digital Auxilius’


Once everything was researched, we began building the website. We pulled out all the stops in developing an easy to navigate website that would answer majority of visitors’ queries. We hawkeyed all the graphics being used so that not only do they seem captivating, but also portray the message the brand is trying to put across. Once we created the website, we employed current SEO strategies in order to establish it within the Google algorithms and let customers discover NOIP.

Digital Auxilius brought our moribund website to life; they made the intimidating world of digital marketing easy to navigate and benefit from. Digital Auxilius showed us how important high quality digital marketing is for brand success, and I am so glad we chose them for NOIP.

NOIPIT Manager

Staying at pace with the industry

Knowing that every industry is incredibly volatile, and customer demands are constantly changing we make sure to keep our skills up to date. We constantly revise the website with fresh trends rampant within the industry.

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