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The Challenge

Revival Research Institute encourages people to participate in research studies so that medicine can progress further through proactive cures. However, it is finicky work, and you have to be incredibly fastidious when putting yourself on the digital map. A brand has to move heaven and earth to get people to trust them enough to volunteer their health for science. The key to gain that confidence is through your brand message. However, this does not only seep through the words that you use, but it is also an amalgamation of your services, your professionals, your digital footprint, your website, your social media pages, the content, and utilization traditional marketing tactics

If that is not enough, Revival had to make sure that the content written did not have even a smidgen marketing manipulation, otherwise it would be immediately asked to retract by the FDA. There were different levels of promotion Revival had to saunter through, while keeping all the rules in line of sight.


Website Development, Digital Marketing and Paid Social Media Campaigns


Revival Research Institute

What We Did

Website Development, Applied SEO Strategies, Setup on Social Media Platforms and Digital Marketing

Digital Auxilius’

After a lot of planning and strategizing DAX came up with potent tools that bespoke to Revival’s cause. We started with thoroughly researching FDA rules, and Revival’s target demographic. We rebuilt their website, developed their social media pages, and ran advertisements. The content was written by professionals with extensive medical background. DAX developed brochures, flyers, and business cards. We redesigned their logo, altered the color scheme, and created stationary mockups



Revival reported a rise in brand awareness by 600%, with traffic coming in almost every day. The patient lead generation has increased significantly as well and seems to be on the rise as days progress. Their employee recruitments have also become more streamlined. With the growing awareness of the brand in the region, and the nobleness of the cause more and more people are willing to become a part of the institute in any way they can

Digital Auxilius redefined ethical marketing for us. There was no marketing manipulation, just communicating our message morally. There is a fine line between informative and persuasive marketing, we needed the former and couldn’t step over the line, and Digital Auxilius delivered!

RevivalIT Manager

Staying at pace with the industry

We knew we had to fire at all cylinders if we wanted to get more people to trust the brand. We are still consistently updating the website, along with other marketing tools to keep Revival aligned with the industry.

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