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The Challenge

Though providing patients with medical attention at home is virtuous, and difficult to execute, it was proving tough for Premier Home Health Agency to generate leads despite a massive target market. Their old website had severe discrepancies that discounted the medical professionalism and aptitude for customer relationships that PHH’s medical experts possessed. Online applications are usually customers’ first mode of contact with a brand, meaning you want to make sure that you are your brand’s core values forward clearly to convert leads into customers.

However, for the marketing aspect of your brand to fire on all cylinders you want to make sure that you are also incorporating the more traditional methods as well. To allow someone to enter your home and provide you with medical care, for a prolonged amount of time, requires a lot of trust. For a brand to breed that trust between itself and the  customers, they would have to communicate their values clearly, and emphatically through various marketing tools.


Website Development, Digital Marketing and Brand Identity Design


Premier Home Health Agency

What We Did

Website Redesign, Applied SEO Strategies, Digital Marketing, Brochure and Flyer Design

Digital Auxilius’
Digital Contribution

Conducting marketing research on Premier Home Health Agency’s customers was imperative for DAX. Getting people to trust strangers to give medical assistance within the confines of their home is tricky, so you need to thoroughly evaluate what makes the customers tick. We carefully strategized a brand message that would bleed through the website’s every crevice, embalmed with the institute’s core values. DAX then used SEO strategies to aid website’s visibility on Google SERPs.

Digital Auxilius’

Traditional Marketing Tactics

DAX spared no effort when it came PHH’s marketing. We deeply appreciated the noble efforts that Premier Home Health was making in terms of medical assistance and wanted to make sure that we reach as many customers in need as possible. We designed and developed the company’s business cards, brochures, flyers, and stationary mockups. We went as far as completely restructuring the brand’s color scheme to fit their message better applying psychology of colors to induce trust.

Digital Auxilius helped our brand take marketing leaps that we were not aware we could take. They really turned things around for the better. Digital Auxilius helped us tackle one of the biggest obstacles that our brand face, and that was to build trust with potential customers.

Premier Home HealthIT Manager

Staying at pace with the industry

A lot of research and psychology went into crafting a brand message that conveys the institute’s dedication and morality to incite trust in customers. We constantly update the PHH website to maintain its pristine image

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