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We at Digital Auxilius offer budget friendly service packages. However, we ensure our production quality aligns with industry standards.


Convenience of customers is our first priority. We ensure that all the strategic processing goes smoothly with our clients.

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We create strong brand awareness, and our highly skilled team gives a competitive edge to the company over others.


Syncora, the pre-clinical trial management solution, is your key to unlocking efficient and organized research processes. This innovative software offers a collaborative virtual workspace where researchers, sponsors, and partners work seamlessly. Syncora excels at subject recruitment planning by tapping into patient databases and feasibility analysis, ensuring your trials are on the right track. It doesn’t stop there; this cloud-backed gem visualizes project timelines, milestones, and critical activities, simplifying the complex journey of pre-clinical trials.

Syncora is not just software; it’s your research compass. With features like site selection assistance, regulatory compliance tracking, and transparent data management, it’s the proactive partner you need to anticipate and address potential challenges. Syncora, the game-changer in pre-clinical trial management, helps you steer your research ship with confidence, ensuring smoother trials and informed decision-making.

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Item Vault

Item Vault is a state-of-the-art inventory management system designed specifically for clinical research organizations to streamline clinical trials. Through Item Vault, research institutes can manage their site equipment, investigational products, lab kits, and staff members involved in a particular study. Furthermore, the inventory management system is a digital solution for healthcare organizations such as clinical research sites, labs, hospitals, and medical centers. Through its scalable and customized features and functionalities, Item Vault aims to streamline clinical trials, improve trial success, and patient outcomes.

In addition to being user-friendly software, Item Vault helps organizations maintain their users, calibrations, reports, and purchase order numbers to systematize every trial. It is based on an enterprise model that facilitates research institutes to work on multiple sites and offers each user their required tiers of access. Through such features, Item Vaults can maintain the integrity and accuracy of a clinical trial.

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Inventory Management Software By Digital Auxilius - Customized Healthcare Solutions
CalenDax By Digital Auxilius - Customized Healthcare Solutions


CalenDAX is a multifunctional booking management system for healthcare events. Such large-scale events witness a flux of leads, which, if and when, not managed properly can negatively impact the lead conversion rate. To prevent such a chaotic situation, Digital Auxilius took it upon itself to develop a digital tool that could manage appointments with leads originating from multiple sites.

CalenDAX serves as a central source, where the data of all patients coming from different areas is tracked accurately for better incentivization and accountability. The software stores data, which is HIPAA secured, and hosted on the AWS cloud server of DAX so that the client can remotely access and sync the data. The project offers functionalities such as registration, appointment management, and check-in management, all of which streamline the appointment process before and during the event.

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Regulatory Software

Digital Auxilius’ Regulatory software was created to help CROs keep track of study progress, and ensure everything is going swimmingly. The software allows multiple users and various departments to set up their accounts and keep the progress of the study going. Through the Regulatory software each member of the study will be held accountable for their tasks, with the software sending reminders to those whose updates are pending. This will let the administrators keep an eye on the progress of the studies and ensure accuracy.

Our software team consistently upgrades the software for new features to accommodate the CRO needs that might emerge as a result of industry advancements.

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Regulatory Software By Digital Auxilius - Customized Healthcare Solutions
Training Software for Employees By Digital Auxilius - Customized Healthcare Solutions

Training Portal

Our training portal offers eLearning courses for Clinical Research Coordinators (CRCs) to train our employees. Firstly, the user has to set up their profile on the portal and fill in the necessary details, before moving to the next step. Furthermore, the user will get access to a wide range of courses, which can be accessed anytime. Additionally, we have organized tests and assessments, that every employee has to attempt at the end of each course.

Digital Auxilius created the Training Portal to help Clinical Research Organizations train their employees in a systematic manner that ensures information retention. On top of that, we wanted to created a platform to store these courses so that they can be accessed whenever needed.

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Employee Portal

DAX has incorporated a unique feature of the employee portal on its website. This portal is a unified platform for all sorts of centralized forms. The forms are categorized department-wise, allowing any employee to log into those forms for their relevant concerns. The portal also contains a separate section for poll suggestions. You can lodge your suggestions via polls. Various internal groups are also created within this portal page. Employees can easily find the solution to their queries by visiting these groups respective to their departments. We have also introduced a separate section for anonymous suggestions where users can leave their comments regarding any improvisation of the company, and their identity will stay confidential. 24/7 online chat service is available where our operators remain functional. Wiki articles are an additional feature that helps new users in knowing more about the company.

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Employee Portal By Digital Auxilius - Customized Healthcare Solutions

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Our software solutions are streamlined and synced with our digital strategies
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Full Customization

DAX proffers completely customized plans for our clients. We provide tailor-made and easy-to-understand and executed strategies for our business customers.

Completely Accessible Source Code

DAX offers strong, approachable support throughout. We are accessible 24/7 for our clients for editing or any sort of changes.

Powered by Cloud

Our system is powered by AWS cloud, which is a functioning server of DAX. This software is capable of managing all the pre and post-event appointments. It ensures regularized operations during the event.

Powerful Technology Stack

Our strong technology stack consists of advanced JavaScript Softwares like Node, Reactjs, Laravel which contributes in building the user interface and web development.

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