Acquire Leads and Nurture Brand Loyalty with our Digital Marketing Services

Through years of research, we have developed a collection of effective digital marketing services that work cohesively to drive profit margins

Cost effective digital marketing services that can impact various target markets

We at Digital Auxilius provide scalable digital marketing solutions that can be metamorphosed according to different target demographics. Living up to our name, we are the digital auxiliary that helps our clients develop an online footprint so strong it remains undeterred in the face of adversity. DAX helps businesses acquire quality leads through information-dense marketing that directly influences their target market. With us you get a digital marketing consultant that turns visitors into loyal customers.

We turn every cent into profit, every glance into brand loyalty, and every competitor into a follower, effectively establishing you as an industry authority

Producing higher profit margins with cost-effective digital tools

Humanize your brand to your customers

Gone are the days of aloof businesses, we cultivate a brand image that humanizes our clients to their customers and encourages brand loyalty.

Get ahead of your competitors

Our professionals consistently learn and develop skills that keep our clients at the forefront of industry competition.

Dedicated customer support system

We believe that the digital marketing agency is the one that is completely invested in their clients’ goals and development.

Flexible digital marketing strategies

We maintain an air of flexibility around our work to add and subtract from it so we can stay in alignment with trends and growth.

Get the most out of your budget

Have a modest budget? DAX can always make the most out of everything. We accommodate every client, regardless of their business strength.

Enviable return on investment

We are equipped with potent, up-to-the-minute digital marketing services that bring in unbelievable return on investment.

Experience ethical marketing

Rather than relying on the traditional pushy and coercive method of marketing, experience a more helpful, empathetic style of approaching customers.

Content that informs leads

We believe in targeting customers who need the product, rather than inventing a want they can do without.

Digital Auxilius takes a two-pronged approach to digital marketing – which means we have our clients covered on all ends

Through our trials and errors, we learned that as a digital marketing consultant being myopic in your promotional approach will only lead your clients south, and thus erode your partnership. Hence, we developed a two-pronged approach to marketing that not only delivered high quality results for our clients’ business but also sustained them.

The Huffington Post once said: “the best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google search results”. This is true. Unfortunately, though many companies can get to the top of Google page rankings they, however, quickly fall from grace owing to a lack of maintenance. DAX not only builds compelling websites and publishes riveting content, but it also consistently maintains our clients’ rankings by improving the quality and written work of their website.

Digital Marketing Services - Digital Marketing Consultant

I am impressed by Digital Auxilius’ professionalism in digital marketing. I had been looking for an experienced creative agency for a long time till I stumbled upon them. Their efficiency and punctuality are remarkable, and surprisingly they were able to launch my social media campaign on the set date.

Reggie LincolnHead of Marketing

Honest, yet profitable digital marketing services, that directly influence your target market

Over the years traditional marketing methods have taken a backseat, while inbound marketing, digital marketing, has come to the forefront of promotional methods. Though at first traditional marketing was designed to create awareness of a new product within the population, over the years this promotional course of action became assertive and loudmouthed eliciting criticism. Therefore, marketers turned to a more honest form of marketing where they instead sought out individuals who needed their products. This was a great departure from companies contriving a “desire” for products people did not need in the first place.

Digital Auxilius has always infused ethics in not only its services, but also in its workplace culture. We employ high quality written work coated with impeccable SEO techniques along with targeted search engine marketing ads that would pose as solutions to the target demographics’ search. The best part about all of this is that you won’t even have to break the bank acquiring these services. We ensure our support is cost effective enough to champion smaller businesses.

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Research and Understand your Target Market Better

We at DAX believe that a customer-oriented approach is the one that lasts any brand a lifetime. When you produce and market for your customer you build an unshakeable relationship that endures through every market reformation.

Analyze your campaign’s effectiveness

We are constantly analyzing the performance of our campaigns and consistently injecting it with maneuvers that would further amplify their efficacy. DAX’s professionals are always learning and growing, so if we come across tactics that can help, we use them.

Acquire valuable leads the right way

Digital Auxilius does not believe in force feeding product promotion to customers, instead we have earned our stripes by researching and approaching customers who could use our clients’ product/service.

Stay top of mind on a budget

Your customers can always access you. Your website is constantly displaying and selling your products, your SEM and social media marketing are always promoting your products, and your content and SEO are always calling people towards your products. Plus, you get all of this without incurring exorbitant expenses.

Research developed, leads producing, loyalty inducing, cost effective digital marketing services ripe for plucking

Digital Auxilius breeds brand loyalty in consumers by highlighting products that would add value. We spend abundantly on research and target those who are looking to” solve” a “problem”.

Search Engine Optimization

We apply intricate keyword research and white hat SEO practices on quality informative content to help our clients climb to the top of Google SERPs. We also conduct on-page and off-page optimization to build relevance and incite trust in our clients’ target demographic.

Search Engine Marketing

On top organic SEO practices, we at Digital Auxilius diligently develop SEM campaigns to increase brand awareness and acquire high quality leads. We engage in Google Ads and PPC, while consistently analyzing campaign behavior.

Social Media Marketing

Digital Auxilius crafts sophisticated social media campaigns comprised of engaging content, consistent posting, and customer relationship management, along with paid advertising. We make it a point to take your goals, competitor behavior, and customer activities into account before developing a social media strategy.

Email marketing

To get your emails noticed, we develop personalized emails with gripping content that provides copious information on the brand and its products while motivating customers to take action. DAX builds a list of subscribers to focus email campaigns on comprised only of your target demographic.

Establish your authority in the industry and let your customers see your prowess through search engine optimized content

Blogs, social media posts, and articles are an incredible way to disperse information about a product/service and establish you as a company that knows what it is doing. This inculcates trust within the customers regarding your product/service especially if you are in a technical industry like medicine.

Here is a quick overview of what to expect in a Digital Auxilius marketing process:


Understanding your requirements


Conducting market research


Crafting a digital strategy


Creating campaigns


Promoting the digital marketing campaigns


Analyzing performance & making adjustments

Reach your target market through an effective, well-researched digital strategy

Google has made it possible for brands to reach their target demographic through a more gentle, informative, and humane style of marketing. By utilizing comprehensive and helpful content, sophisticated SEO strategies, and clever SEM tactics we can help establish you as a market leader within your industry. Digital Auxilius has devised its treasury of digital services through continuous trial and error to ensure our clients can revel in high quality leads that convert into loyal customers.

Why should you choose Digital Auxilius as your digital marketing consultant?

We take our responsibility as your digital marketing consultant seriously. We want to make sure that every client, big or small can take advantage of potent digital marketing strategies that directly influence their target demographic. eMarketer reported that more than $110 billion dollars are spent on digital promotion within USA. Companies like Digital Auxilius are constantly investing their time and resources researching newer and better ways to, understand and, help their clients target their potential customers.

Digital Auxilius has developed a synergized organizational blueprint that works in tune with one another and strives for a seamless operation that helps our clients achieve every goal. We provide a 360-degree experience starting from understanding your requirements all the way to analyzing the effects of our techniques.

We understand your industry

The key to becoming the best digital marketing company is having an all-encompassing understanding of the industry your clients operate in. What the target demographic needs, how the competitors operate, what do the market gaps inhabiting the industry look like, what the client wants, and what the client needs.  

We have a roster of seasoned experts

DAX consists of handpicked competent experts who don’t only have love for their craft but also for learning. Every single member of our team is an all-rounder in terms of their field, of working in a team, of taking ownership of their work, and of developing a high-quality customer relationship. Our experts make sure that every single piece of work being published by our company has been tested and re-tested for quality.

We deliver quality at an affordable rate

You don’t have to throw money around like confetti to afford quality digital marketing services. In fact, we believe that the top digital marketing agency is the one that delivers quality work at an affordable rate.

Here’s a look at our researched and organized digital marketing process

Digital Auxilius has an inhouse team that has developed a seamless line of communication which allows us to remain updated on each other’s progress. In fact, we have built a culture of cooperation and support that allows us to not only stay aligned with our clients’ objectives, but also our own – which is to produce thought-focused digital marketing strategies that generate quality leads for our clients.
Here is a quick look at each project’s digital journey within Digital Auxilius’ care:


We want to know everything about you. We want to understand your business, its values, your values (as a business owner), its goals, and its needs. Once we receive your side of the story, we do our own research where we take a look at your business’s strengths, weaknesses, industry reputation, competition, and target market. This paves out a clearer and comprehensive path for us to create an insulated digital strategy.

Strategy Development

The entirety of our strategy development process circles around helping our clients achieve success, eliminate their weak spots, and close market gaps. Based on our competitor and industry analysis, coupled with insights on the brand’s target demographic; our digital marketing consultants build top-line strategies that that incorporate quality content, meticulous SEO, and intelligent SEM tactics to secure enviable ROIs.

Implementation and promotion

This is the creation and implementation stage where we develop and promote primary digital identities like blogs, articles, PPCs, and social media materials through various digital channels like Google search engines, e-commerce portals, social media, emails, display networks, and messaging and affiliate programs.

Analysis and Updates

At this stage we utilize perceptive analytical tools to assess the effects of our strategies. This allows to map out the changes that need to be made, and what aspects we can further compound on. Analyzing our efforts helps us stay in line with our client’s goals, and ensure we are going down the right path.


Based on our analysis we start contriving ways to finesse our digital recipe to further intensify returns and maintain our client’s reputation as an industry leader/key player in the eyes of their customers. These changes and updates often pertain to the primary digital components or channels.

Here is a quick outline of our digital marketing services

Digital Auxilius understands that the top digital marketing agency is the one that can answer all their client’s marketing woes through diligently crafted promotional strategy. not only are we thorough with our research, but also in the development and delivery of our digital marketing services:

Search Engine Marketing/Pay Per Click Ads

We create tailor-made SEM strategies that improve your business’ digital presence within Google’s search engine and encourage high quality leads through paid ads. This allows businesses to directly address their target market with a solution and a gain a leg up on their competitors. We develop targeted copies, client bidding blueprints, and device targeting strategies while also monitoring the ROIs for every keyword. Not only that we also keep an eye out for seasonal trends to drive high volume traffic.

Search Engine Optimization

Our vigilant SEO experts perform diligent keyword research and selection on top of optimizing website structure, content, and code to ensure performance in Google SERPs. Add to that white hat SEO, and off-page optimization practices and you will be on your way to higher organic rankings as well as amplified visibility. Our SEO specialists consistently conduct page analysis to ensure that the client’s platforms are garnering traffic and quality leads.

Social Media Marketing

Our skilled social media marketers craft, supervise, and provide social media campaigns that not only suit your business needs, but also drive results. we position our social media posts in a way that grip the readers, and also ensure they visit the client’s website. We utilize clickable forms, redirect buttons, and also encourage reactions and comments for engagement.

Content Marketing

Our content writers develop content that engage readers by answering their questions. Through thorough research of current trends and relevant product/service they provide copious information that would encourage visitors to convert into customers. Through targeted SEO practices implemented on webpage, blog, email marketing, and social media content you can approach your target market and cement your space as an industry authority that will fulfill their needs through quality solutions.

Email Marketing

Make sure that your emails never get deleted again by working with us to craft content that enthralls your target market. We create personalized emails that are informative, saving them for being thrown into the sequestered world of “spam folders”, and instead cajole your readers into taking profitable action. Through research and analysis, we will build you a list of your target audience, and utilize keywords and buzzwords to create curiosity in their minds which would further push them to connect with your brand.

Ecommerce Marketing

With Digital Auxilius as your digital marketing consultant you can now take advantage of a vast range of possibilities to help you promote your products and services along with offering round the clock purchase convenience to your customers. We generate product testimonials, implement SEO practices on your product pages, and also utilize social media tools along with utilizing other digital marketing strategies.

Why partner with a digital marketing consultant

More than 80 percent of customers are engaging in online buying behavior. In fact, the pandemic has further intensified digital purchase activities, since several individuals are forced to purchase a lot of necessities online as line. These vicissitudes in buying behavior has forced a lot of companies to go online to stay afloat and provide customers with quality solutions.

However, with an influx of brands emerging on the internet and saturating every niche it has become harder for businesses to stand out to their target market. Hence, it is important to partner with a digital services provider who holds the knowledge and tools to craft a cost-effective strategy that would rack up traffic and quality leads.

Why choose Digital Auxilius

Digital Auxilius runs on the theology of an empathetic leadership. Developed to give hard working freelancers a safe space to cultivate their creative energy, DAX believes empowering their employees through autonomy and compassion. With seasoned experts choosing to become a part of our team we believed it was best to provide our members independence with their work while equipping with high quality tools and top management support. This has resulted in work that is unrivalled in its quality and brings in exorbitant return on investments.

We ensure quality leads and conversions through maximum impact

We put in a lot of research while designing our digital marketing strategies. We make sure that every step we make works to serve an objective. Digital Auxilius makes sure to ameliorate every gap that might be holding our clients back from the success they deserve while gathering greater ROI.

The content we put is packed with information that anticipate every need that requires answering, our SEO team is always learning newer, better ways to promote various digital platforms, and our SEM along with SMM strategies are constantly being refined and tested for better results.

Making brand loyalty easier to achieve

While brands are capable of amassing quality leads in enviable numbers, the real trick is turning them into loyal customers who only think of your brand when seeking a product similar to yours. This is often done through constant updates and engagement from the brand, a strategy we have fine-tuned through invigorating SEO implemented website blogs, off-page optimization, and social media blogs.

We work closely with our clients to figure out where there brand currently stands, and word day and night not only discover its full potential but also relay it to the target market.

Take a look at the brands we have worked with, and how we revolutionized their digital marketing

In the past three years within the digital marketing industry, we have accumulated a rolodex of incredible clients who needed our help getting their fantastic product on the market. We ran their product through extensive research, scalable strategies, and consistent updates getting high quality results and turning them into loyal customers. 

Digital Marketing Services - Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital Marketing of Tassels

Though Tassels’ products pack a punch they were having a hard time getting notices amidst other fashion giants of the industry. We built them a robust SEO strategy, while doing sonorous social media marketing, and engaged in SEM tactics that guaranteed results.

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Social Media Marketing of Revival

Revival needed a lot of help convincing individuals to take part in their clinical studies in their bid to providing a medicine a helping hand. We helped the brand gain favor with their various target markets through quality content that was updated everyday on their website and social media pages. We developed and posted that were quick and easy to fill out along with providing icon that immediately direct the reader to the Revival website.

Read The Case Study
Digital Marketing Services - Digital Marketing Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

Having a burning question, you want answered? We might have done that already, have a look through our list or shoot us an email.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is advertising a brand and its products/services through various digital channels like Websites, Social Media, Search Engines, Web Applications, and Email Newsletters.

What are the 5 Types of Digital Marketing?

Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, and Social Media Marketing are 5 main types of digital marketing.

Why is Digital Marketing important for businesses?

Through search engine optimization and search engine marketing, digital marketing is able to directly aim your brand at its target market; whereas components like content, social media, and email marketing help customers understand the product better before deciding to make their purchase – thus constituting a more ethical form of brand promotion.

How much cheaper is digital marketing compared to traditional marketing?

Though digital marketing costs are on rise as the field discovers and ventures into different realms of its capacity, traditional marketing has always taken the lead in terms of prices.

How can I get started with the top digital marketing agency?

If you are looking for the top digital marketing agency, then Digital Auxilius is the best place to start. We believe long-term results, which means we’re not in this business to make a quick buck, instead we want to work with you for years to come, as demonstrated by our client retention rate of 91%.

When you work with us, you’re not just a client — you’re an extension of the Digital Auxilius team, and we’ll treat you like it.


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    Search Engine

    As a digital marketing consultant, DAX offers SEO services your business requires to for its website to rank on Google SERPs. By applying thoroughly researched keywords to quality content we help attract your target demographic to your website and other digital platforms you are active on. Not only that, but our SEO experts also develop cost-effective on-page and off-page strategies that drive results.

    Search Engine

    You can now reach your customers quickly through a result-driven, filtered for precision SEM campaign. Our SEM specialists are always looking for newer, better tools to maneuver PPC and Google Ads for better results. SEM tactics help our clients instantly influence their target market and drive greater ROI through high-volume traffic and quality leads.

    Social Media

    Our social media experts know how to create social media campaigns people will respond to. Not only that, but they are also apt at creating social media strategies that would convince customers into visiting the website to explore the brand further. We also run high-quality, carefully crafted PPC ads, and conduct consistent analysis to gauge how our strategies are performing.