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Digital Auxilius – Digital Marketing Company in USA

Since 2017 Digital Auxilius has committed itself to researching and developing the best digital technology that will help clients grow their brand, and setting ourselves as the digital marketing company to go to for all digital solutions. We understood early on that, at its core, the digital marketing industry is constantly changing, and for that we need to make sure that our tools remain on par so that our clients never get left behind.

Through a lot of trial and error we have built a seamless application and web development process that guarantees high conversion rates. Starting from the very first step of getting to know your ideas all the way to execution of the product, our departments remain in complete sync with each other to ensure little to no obstacles arise during the process. We have cherrypicked every single expert employed with our digital marketing company. We selected them based on how passionately they devote themselves to continuous learning. Considering the volatility of this industry the only way to success and remaining at the forefront is through constant development of our tools and knowledge, and we plan on reaching new heights of achievement every year.


Converting Leads into Loyal Customers.

With the advent of the internet, a good chunk of commerce has shifted online. This means that a majority of your target market can be found online, and though this provides business easy access, you have to become even more agile in the sources you use to get to them. With the influx of websites and applications popping up all over various online platforms you want to make sure that your brand stands out in a manner that has the customer coming back again.

We at Digital Auxilius have been able to crack the code of what makes the user want to stick around on an application and think of the brand when they want the product or service you offer, again. We have developed a secret ingredient list of what a brand can do to leave a lasting impression in the minds of their website visitors. It is a carefully crafted amalgamation of an attractive and easy to use web interface, smooth operations behind the scenes, and competitive digital marketing tactics.

Not only that, even after publishing your website we are consistently working to update the site and processes in order to match the changing rules and preferences of the industry. Digital Auxilius ensures that its experts are vigilant in learning the newer skills erupting within the market, and immediately implementing them on the clients’ website. Despite the changing weathers of the industry, we will make sure that when it comes to the digital aspect of your business you will never go obsolete.

Experienced Digital Marketing Company in USA
Company Vision

Our Vision We
Evolve with You

Our vision at DAX is to never see our clients vanish off the map of the industry. We wish to keep our clients’ website in a power boosted mode constantly to drive traffic and raise conversion rates. We keep striving to find newer, better ways to provide our clients with comfort when connecting with us to manifest their ideas into a reality.

Mission Statement

Our Mission Turning Visitors into Loyal Customers

We are not fans of one hit wonders. We don’t just create a website or application that would attract a client and convince them to make purchase, but we make sure that the next time they want the services you offer, they will think of your brand. We use all our resources to build a product that stays in the mind of the user than just mindlessly creating something just to finish a project. Our entire process is thought out with every step meticulously devised so that we leave no stone unturned in making sure your website sets a benchmark for your competitors.

Company Mission

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What They’re Saying

See what our clients say about the way our full service marketing agency helped them leverage their business potential.

Digital Auxilius completely changed the way I ran my business! They helped me not only build a presence online but also develop my perspective of looking at potential clients!

Diana LopezC.E.O

From a friendly team to quality assured work, Digital Auxilius is your full service marketing agency!

Reggie LincolnHead of Marketing

I’d dare say Digital Auxilius could be the best marketing agency near you! With the quick responses and immediate turnaround time. Digital Auxilius always manages to beat the clock!

Marina IvesBrand Manager

After trying out several digital agencies there is no other online marketing agency I would trust other than Digital Auxilius.

NadiaProject Manager
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What services do you provide?

We offer an assortment of well-researched digital agency services. We concentrate heavily on web development, software development, digital marketing, graphic designing, and branding strategies.

Where can you find us?

We are located in Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA. You can find our pin location on Google maps, or just give us a call and our representative would guide you in detail.

What are your prices?

Our prices vary according to your project. You can give our customer representative an idea of what project is like, and they can give you an estimate, however it would be subject to change as the process goes on.

Where can I see your portfolio?

Our portfolio is on our website, please find “Work” in menu which is placed in header of web page.

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