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Merge modern technologies and traditional applications with our custom software development strategy

Through our comprehensive experience, we develop bespoke solutions that contribute to your enterprise’s secure and scalable future.

Customizing software and application that fulfil your purpose

Companies harness the potential of software to get their task done. From mundane activities to highly complex problems – software aid and abet humans to discover the right solution – efficiently and conveniently. However, each business needs different software solutions that are tailored according to their organizational requirements. Custom software development, being true to its name, offers a myriad of customized benefits to businesses that fuel their profitability.

Leverage our custom software development services to discover out-of-the-box solutions for your business

From recent startups to corporate kings – our custom software development services cater to everyone.

Custom web and application development

We customize web, mobile, and desktop applications that ameliorate revenues, business operations, and workflow.

Full-stack application development

From Front and Back End Development, Middleware Integration to programming languages like React and Node we provide full stack development that adds value.

Legace software re-engineering

At Digital Auxilius our experienced team derives scalable and profitable solutions using the cloud, μServices, and refactoring technologies.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence models

Today, businesses rely on predictive models to make decisions backed by artificial intelligence. We create end-to-end ML and AI-based software that improves the company’s functionality.

UX/UI Design

Our proficient developers employ up-to-date and innovative UI/UX technologies to create a scalable app that is multiple platform friendly.

API development and integration

We focus on the development of tangible APIs that facilitate seamless integration. We also include API integration in existing software to improve functionality and inter-app conversations.

Software integration

Our well-versed developers harness the potential of modern, trailblazing technologies to eradicate any challenges that may exist from ideation to development, and testing to execution.

Systemic implementation

We, through comprehensive analysis, create a detailed software implementation and deployment process that delivers quality results.

Build a better business architecture with Digital Auxilius’s dynamic custom software development company

Recently, custom software development has secured a spot in the market share due to the benefits it ensures. The customized approach, contrary to commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS), is specifically driven to meet every requirement. The customized software elevates the company’s aim to produce business-specific results.

At Digital Auxilius, we align our approach with key ingredients that churn out quality software. Our custom software development company works on a logical and well-defined structure to help companies at every step. Our strategic workflow enables our developers to monitor the credibility of each component to ensure a successful end product.

Custom Software Development Company in USA

For a long time, we were limited to typical, commercial software options. Since it was not bringing us any fruitful results, we turned towards Digital Auxilius for custom software development. Needless to say, today our tasks are occurring seamlessly, and our productivity has gone sky-high.

Emilia LucasC.E.O

Construct your technical framework to experience a new zenith of growth and success

Custom software development is a multidisciplinary ideology that requires broad experience but delivers an array of benefits as well. The ultimate goal of every business is to expand and scale its operations with time. However, off-the-shelf software is not thoroughly equipped to facilitate and bear its growth. Whereas a tailored product is not only capable of handling the expansion, but it also accommodates the change by updating itself. Furthermore, while custom software services substantially increase ROI, they are also a one-time investment whereas a COTS needs yearly license renewal.

As a growing custom software development company, Digital Auxilius moves ahead with a vigilant team to deliver result-oriented services. Our team opts for constructive strategies to solve any project-related problem that may arise during the custom software development process. We appoint a project manager i.e., scrum master that executes Agile to work parallel with us as our main contact point.

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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

DAX employs an agile and all-inclusive project lifecycle management model that exhibits a spectrum of aspects. From ideation, concomitant front-end and back-end coding to QA – we pride ourselves on our broad approach.

Real-Time Interaction

Our custom software development services are not limited by time or borders. We aim for a real-time collaboration that ensures commitment and transparency for better progress.

Scalable Business Representation

We find a growth point for our clients to maneuver our custom software development strategy accordingly. By doing so, your business model expands or decreases as per its capabilities rather than stunting the growth.


When you work with our custom software development company, you own the source code. We do not conceal any source code from our client but assign you as the sole owner.

Our pragmatic architect team employs result-driven tools and methodologies so you can take the next step

Our custom software development services are backed up by robust programming tools and research to keep our strategies up to date with the latest market trends.


Laravel offers a comprehensive platform that facilitates the development of resilient custom software. It ranks as the 10th framework within the custom software development ecosphere. It consists of a widely equipped library that offers tools that ease the custom software development process.

React JS

React JS a front-end library developed by Facebook is widely employed by web developers to create single-page applications. It is the first of its kind to exhibit the use of component-based architecture and is proficient in the development of mobile applications.

Node JS

Node JS is diverse and offers multi-user interaction for both the client and server. Its runtime environment expedites the development of responsive and cross-compatible projects. However, our software developers, through their thorough proficiency in Node JS create scalable real-time web applications.

Strategize, transform and implement – A trio that drives your business upwards and ahead

Digital Auxilius, a modern custom software development company works with a team that caters to businesses irrespective of their scale and niche. From healthcare to retail, start-ups to enterprises – our ambition is to contribute to a scalable business plan. Our compassionate, architect team works with diligence, auditing, and research to come up with nothing but the best.

Following is our process to give an insight into our custom software development process:




UI Design/Prototype




QA cycle




Maintenance and Support

Do not let typical software options hold you back. Get in touch to build a customized solution for yourself.

If you’re struggling to stay at pace with your business’ growth – look no further. Our custom software development company builds solutions that vary across a spectrum of business domains to meet your particular need. From creating new custom software to improving existing ones, or integrating the two – Digital Auxilius assists you at each step.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Custom Software Development?

Custom software development is the process of creating a software product tailored to the specific needs of a business or activity. Custom software differs in its design to achieve unique goals. It is usually created from scratch and does not have analogous applications on the market.

Do you provide Software Development Consulting Services?

Yes. Digital Auxilius provides custom software development consulting services to improve the functionality of your business operations and existing software systems.

What are the Benefits of a Custom Software Solution?

A custom software solution offers comprehensive flexibility to its owners as it is tailored to meet every business need. If properly built, its unique features and functionality render businesses a competitive edge over others. Moreover, custom software does not consist of any ongoing licensing cost as its sole owner is the user itself.

What is the budget generally needed? How do you estimate the cost of a software development project?

The minimum project budget for our custom software development services makes $5,000. We are fair and transparent with pricing and are always open to negotiating the software development cost with you. We estimate each new bespoke software development project against the following:

– Functional and non-functional requirements.
– Complexity of the project.
– Hourly rates of our specialists.

What is meant by Agile Software Development?

Agile is an iterative and collaborative process by which software development teams deliver logical “chunks” of software. It can be tested and adjusted on the fly to meet ever-evolving business needs during development. Agile allows adaptive planning, continuous improvement, and implementation, and promotes rapid response to the changes that inevitably crop up mid-development.  Exigent leverages a version of Agile called ‘Scrum’.


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    Custom Software Development

    We combine crucial factors that produce high-quality software in our methodology. Our custom software development firm follows a rational and well-defined process to assist businesses at every stage. Our planned process allows our developers to keep track of each component’s credibility to ensure a successful end product.

    Mobile Application Development

    Digital Auxilius churns out Android and iOS application development for organisations of all sizes using an agile development methodology. We want to build solutions that not only fulfil the needs of the user, but also the business industry’s vertical needs.

    Web Application Development

    To help businesses revel in the benefits of web based applications, the role of a web app development company is inevitable. Digital Auxilius, is a company that businesses can rely on, for tailored solutions that complement their marketing approach.