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Lead Nurturing, ROI Focused, Personalized Email Marketing Services

Increase target market engagement at every stage of your sales funnel, while growing your ROI through affordable email marketing services.

Email Marketing Services are Known for Contributing Massively to ROI Maximization

We, at Digital Auxilius, develop cost-effective targeted email marketing campaigns that are only sent to organically gathered subscriber lists. We devise email templates according to the target market and also the layer of the sales funnel they are on. We also interject feedback surveys to interact with the customers and find ways to better meet their needs. Our email marketing agency is dedicated to cementing brand loyalty through measurable and scalable customer engagement email strategies.

Our Email Marketing Agency will Equip You with Professional Email Campaigns Comprised of Targeted Content and Strategies

Target Market Focused Email Marketing Services that Draw Better ROI

Customized Email Campaigns

Our email marketing agency develops email campaigns that align with your marketing objectives and speak to your target market.

Professionally Designed Templates

Our email marketing specialists develop email templates that reflect your brand’s personality while remaining clean, easy-to-read, and professional.

Manage Subscriber List

Our team makes sure that your email subscriber list is growing steadily. Through, integrated digital services we ensure that you’re consistently onloading website visitors onto your subscriber list.

Tracking Your Results

We provide detailed monthly reports on the efficiency of your email campaigns. This includes gauging leads, website traffic, and email open rates.

Campaign Testing

Our team test email campaigns for efficiency. We test details like subject lines, sending schedules, email content etc. to make sure we are aligned with your goals.

Experienced Email Marketing Team

Our email marketing team boasts a catalogue of skilled professionals who diligently research every requirement before developing a campaign.

Cohesive Digital Services

Our web development team ensures your website visitors subscribe to your email newsletter through your webpages.

Increased ROI

By targeting various demographics at different buying stages, email campaigns ensure high ROI, with some studies reporting a return of 4400%.

Digital Auxilius – the email marketing agency that craft strategies and campaigns for customer engagement, customer retention, and customer loyalty

Email marketing is a fast-paced segment of digital marketing that requires consistent research. You have to hawk-eye the market for rising trends and devise ways to better reach the target demographic. Not only that, but email marketing services also have to indulge in customer retention and customer loyalty. The best email marketing agency develops campaigns that motivate customers to remain loyal to the brand despite its emerging competitors.

Digital Auxilius encapsulates all of these qualities and more. We refuse to move forward with campaign development until we have conducted a 360-degree research of your market. All of this is done to ensure you get a greater return on your investment than your competitors and your past performance.

Email Marketing Services by Email Marketing Agency

I never took email marketing seriously until Digital Auxilius offered to do it for me. I thought it would be a completely independent project, so I was a little hesitant. But Digital Auxilius linked it to my website, and I immediately noticed greater traffic and more conversions. For better profits, email marketing is definitely the way to go!

Jack MateoMarketing Manager

Research Developed Email Marketing Services that Enable Customer Retention

As your email marketing partner, we are always looking for better ways to keep your subscribers interested in your brand. We design content and delivery strategies that make sure your subscribers will open your emails. We come up with subject lines, content structure, and modes of email communication that hook reader interest.

Our email marketing services are divided into four different types, though we can make exceptions on your request. Our email marketing team is well-versed in various email styles that work for different target markets at a specific stage of the sales funnel.

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Drip Marketing Emails

We keep your audience engaged with your brand through consistent communication. We use an automated email marketing system that sends your subscriber list product teasers, brand updates, discount alerts, etc. This email service aims to enable traffic conversion through engagement.

Welcome Emails

We ensure your qualified leads turn into purchasing customers through our customized welcome emails. These emails educate subscribers on your brand, and first help you build a relationship with them before promoting your products.

Re-engagement Emails

Sometimes your clients might drift towards your competitors, leading to inactivity on your account. Our customized re-engagement emails re-establish contact and remind your customers of all the benefits you offer.

Website Activity Emails

Customers left their choices in the cart without purchasing? We will ensure these stagnant selections turn into profitable purchases through reminder emails. We will even recommend products that have been reviewed often, or might be appropriate to your customers’ tastes.

We Utilize Sophisticated Technologies to Keep Your Target Market Engaged and Boost Your ROI

An efficient email marketing service strategy cannot be functional without high quality tools supporting and systemizing its moving parts.


One of the most well-research digital marketing tool developers, HubSpot offers incredible email designing and sending opportunities to brands of all sizes. It is powered by HubSpot CRM, which means all the data used is accurate.


Mailchimp has quickly become the go-to email marketing tool, being named one of the best global software companies of 2021, by G2. It comes equipped with tools, advice, and guides to help you craft targeted emails.


SendinBlue allows brands to create thorough email campaigns complete with guides, strategies, templates etc.

We Tackle the Intricate Art of Email Marketing Using a Cohesive, Refined Process Studded with Seasoned Professionals

Developing an email marketing campaign that converts traffic into profits, and keeps the customers loyal to a brand is a delicate process. A lot of strategy, professional contribution, and quality testing goes into developing a cost-effective email marketing project.

Here is a quick rundown of the process we employ to effectuate your brand’s email marketing campaign:


Requirement Gathering & Research


Segmenting Target Market


Campaign Design and Deployment


Subscriber List Maintenance


Campaign Analysis and Reports


Campaign Optimization

Research Proves that Email Marketing Brings in Greater ROI than Any Other Digital Tactics

Email marketing might seem like an outdated digital approach at first. However, it has been known to create a better impact on the target markets than any other digital strategy. Take a look at our previous projects and get started with your email marketing campaign.

Email Marketing Services for Tassels


This up-and-coming fashion brand needed assistance in consistently reminding its target market of its exceptional, modernistic products. Their dynamic email campaign consisted of welcome emails, website emails, along with drip emails whenever they’d introduce a new collection.

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Revive Research Institute

Revive had several target markets they needed to focus on, since every study has its own participant requirement. We would send email alerts of new studies being carried out, and share newsletters of studies that recently wrapped up.

Read The Case Study
ReviveEmail Marketing Services for Revive Research

Frequently Asked Questions

Having a burning question, you want answered? We might have done that already, have a look through our list or shoot us an email.

How can email marketing build customer loyalty?

Email Marketing allows you to create personalized messages for your customers. This helps them form strong emotional connections with your brand, which they may not get anywhere else.

How can email expand your customer engagement?

Email campaigns are a great way to reach, and engage your audience. Email newsletter is one of the best types of brand emails. Brands create trust, encourage traffic, and enable lead conversion through engaging newsletters.

Does email marketing work for small businesses?

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to attract and retain target customers. This means, it will fit in perfectly with a small business’s tight budget, while delivering increased ROI.

Do I need a full-service email marketing agency?

A full-service email marketing agency comes equipped with tools and strategies that can amp up your email campaigns results. In fact, they will offer a fully integrated digital campaign that will anticipate and meet all your objectives.

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