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Make your brand unforgettable with our logo design company

Owing to thorough research and vast experience, our logo design company ideas let your brand resonate in the audience’s mind.

Putting forward adaptable logo design services for an adequate visual representation of your brand

A custom logo design conveys a message that words cannot. The miniature design connotes a sense of trust and credibility to a brand’s prospective audience. It takes your brand from a myriad of other names and places it on the top, significantly contributing to unwavering brand loyalty. Our logo design company understands the importance of a logo as a symbol of success and commitment for your customer. Hence, we put forward services that are backed up by years of expertise and perpetual research to provide you with innovative and charismatic logo ideas.

Get set to ace the digital game with a paragon brand identity that exhibits nothing but quality

Put effective tools to use for optimum results

Mark your identity

Amidst the sea of businesses, we keep our clients remain at the surface with a brand identity that is here to stay.

Increase brand awareness

Let your customers recognize your brand even from the corner of the page with our striking logo designs that latches to the memory.

Be virtually anywhere

From print media to digital platforms, billboards to merchandise – our logos transport your brand’s name across the globe.

Show what you’re worth

Your competitor may be in the game, but we take you to the top with a design that instantly clicks.


Tassels wanted an uncomplicated logo that efficiently puts forward their brand message – fashion for all. Our designer captured the essence of the origin and their aim for diversity in one concise design.

Tassels Logo Design by Logo Design Company


Hobillo is a home decor company that prioritized the emphasis on the hard work of its designers. To truly represent their course of action and theme for home designing, our designers opt for a geometrical design for the logo.

Hobillo Logo Design by Logo Design Company


WearX intended to eradicate the need for brand availability. Their goal was simple – to bring the world’s renowned shoe wear to people’s doorstep. We designed a clean and simple logo with purple font.

Wearx Logo Design by Logo Design Company


The logo for the burger spot had to be captivating and self-explanatory at the same time. To achieve so, we represented the brand’s jazzy narrative with a colorful image against a black background.

The Burger Spot Logo Design by Logo Design Company

“Digital Auxilius has completely revolutionized the game for me and my company. Their team had an extensive discussion and suggested features that surpassed our ideas. DAX knows what they’re doing and designed the perfect logo for my brand’s identity.“

Dare to be different with custom logo designs that emanate innovation and integrity

The cardinal role of a logo is to visually represent your brand. It is the first thing that appears in the audience’s mind when they hear about a brand. The simple, yet distinct design visually represents a brand and implants itself in the audience’s mind – rendering the name unforgettable. Since the marketing tactic plays such a consequential role in establishing and maintaining brand loyalty – it requires meticulous attention to detail.

Our logo design company knows all the tools and tricks required to create a peerless custom logo design. They commence the designing process by familiarizing themselves with the brand’s theme. The craft-savvy team then gives the concept a tangible shape with a patent color theme, font, metaphors, and elements to render it true to the spirit of the brand.


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Digital Auxilius – Transforming brand identity with their custom logo design ideas

What do we think of when we see a swoosh or a bright yellow M? The distinctive logo does not have a name on it, yet it reminds the audience of Nike and McDonalds respectively. That is the power of a miniature design for dynamic brand promotion. A logo design is an efficient way to advertise your brand and its message consistently. It takes a negligible space on print and digital media, yet has a cosmic impact on brand loyalty. From a new startup to a well-known corporate name, both rely on their custom logo designs to set them apart.

To achieve what others have with their expressive design-based identity, get on board with us. Our team of concept-driven designers creates modern logo designs that do justice to your brand’s essence. Our visually captivating and meaningful designs cultivate profitable associations with your prospective customers.

Logo Design Services By Logo Design Company

I had an amazing experience working with Digital Auxilius for the development of my logo. Their team listens to the client carefully before beginning with a laser focus. And the logo was perfect in every aspect - be it its color or aesthetics. DAX is highly recommended by me!

James HenryC.E.O

Let your logo inspire trust, credibility, and brand loyalty with our ingenious logo design services

Our results-driven approach is simple as the designs we create – amalgamate creative ideas with pioneering artistry. From the typography, color scheme, to relevant visual elements – we make no compromise on quality.

Adobe Illustrator

Be it a logo design for a mini business card or a humungous billboard, Adobe Illustrator never disappoints. With its extreme digital toolkit, vector-based software is just the perfect choice for designers.

Adobe Photoshop

Nothing less than a household name, Adobe Photoshop helps designers create mockups and three-dimensional looks for a logo. The pixel-based software is capable of capturing the feel of the design.

We know what our groundbreaking logo designs can do for your brand, get on board to see it for yourself

The concept of logo design is multifaceted. Its creative process requires panoramic attention to create a design that is capable of improving the brand reach Therefore, Digital Auxilius curated a team of intuitive designers to sketch ideas that are a true pictorial depiction of your brand message.






Concept Design


Review Feedback


Final Design


Mock Creation

You know your business, we know design – Combine the two for just the right solution

Your brand is unique and we know it, but that’s not just enough. Let your audience know the same with our custom logo design. We do not deviate from your brand’s narrative and hence employ techniques that actualize the illustration to efficiently meet the customer’s eye.

Premier Home Health Custom Logo Design

Premier Home Health

When it came to designing the logo for Premier Home Health – it was very simple, yet very complicated. The brand’s aim was true to its name – comprehensive healthcare at home and its theme were healing. We had to embrace the concept and depict it in terms of a simple logo, opting for a direct approach this time. Our team went on with green as the primary color as it is the flagbearer of the medical symbol and created the design around it.

Read The Case Study

Revival Research Institute

Revival Research Institute has been contributing significantly to the field of medicine, through successful research trials. As their marketing agency, we had to design a logo that would encapsulate their brand message for effective traffic. The color palette for Revival’s logo was predominantly blue to depict knowledge, trust, and security. The idea was to create a logo that represents the institute’s credibility and build its image in the target audience.

Read The Case Study
Revival Research Custom Logo Design

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Company Logo and why is it so Important for my Brand?

To put it simply, logo design is the process of combining symbols, text, images, colors, and other elements in a cohesive way. The unified arrangement of each element creates a unique business logo that resonates with your company’s vision and mission. As it is the face of your company, it communicates on your behalf and fosters a strong brand identity. You can use your professional logo on your website, brochure, business card, label, letterhead, and other marketing materials. Well-designed business logos can grab people’s attention for all the right reasons. First, it helps them understand who you are as a business.

What is the Best Way to Get a Logo for my Company?

Most businesses create a logo in one of three ways: by running a design contest, hiring a freelance designer or making their own with a logo builder. However, we suggest you hire a logo design company to get a custom-made logo. Logo design agencies house a team of experienced experts apt in research, strategy, and logo development.

How much does a Logo Design Cost?

Though logo design costs vary, small businesses should expect to pay between $300 – $600 for a professionally designed logo.

How many Changes/Modifications Can I Get from a Designer for my Logo?

You can ask the logo design company to make changes until you’re 100% satisfied. However, to save your and your logo design partner’s time we suggest you get specific about your requirements.

Professional Logo Designer or Logo Maker Tool - Which is best for me?

Online logo designers often come up with generic designs that might not reflect your brand’s personality. Professional logo designers research your history, values, vision and mission, to come up with the perfect logo for your brand.

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    UI/UX Design

    At Digital Auxilius, our goal is to render businesses capable of winning their customer’s confidence. Our sophisticated UI/UX design services put forward our client’s narrative in a manner that engages the audience.

    Logo Design

    A logo is responsible for creating a long-lasting impression. We create tailor-made logo designs for our clients that resonate in the customer’s minds for a long time.

    Business Card Design

    A business card is a miniature billboard that fits into your pocket. Our team of skilled designers creates customized business cards that retain a timeless identity for your brand.

    Brand Identity Design

    Brand identity is important to remain at the surface of a myriad of other similar businesses. We employ thorough research to create a distinct brand identity for our clients.

    Animation Design

    Animation design plays an important role to promote brand messaging. Our craft-savvy team put to use enthralling animation that breathes life into the site interface.

    Product Photography

    Product photography depicts the quality of the brand itself. At Digital Auxilius, we convey a clear picture of your product to your consumers to make a good impression.