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Secure a high yielding digital future with our web development company

With high quality machinations set in place, our web development company will fulfill your every digital project need with incredible efficiency

Capitalize on the full capacity of your brand with our web development services

Digital marketing is an extensive project to take on, and that means you will be stuck to your web development partner for a long time. You want someone who would be on your team through and through. This means that the web development agency will not only seek out the best, and most up to date, solutions for your brand, to yield higher profit margins; it would also tackle your digital advancement roadblocks as if it’s their own product on the line.

Turn your website into a valuable source of traffic and revenue with our state-of-the-art web design and development strategies

Have the power of all the high-quality digital tools in your keep

Turn your idea into something valuable

With our high-quality digital technology, you can turn your idea into an efficient promotional device that will yield desirable results.

Develop and maintain competency

We ensure our clients remain a competent player in the industry, by keeping them up to date with all the market trends.

Streamlined customer experience

Our web development company will help you build a closer relationship with your customers, by crafting an ideal webpage user experience.

Become the standard website to follow

Imitation is the biggest form of flattery; we can certainly make this your reality via our sophisticated web development services.

Get investors on your side

With our efficient strategies for digital projects in place, you are securing a profitable and long-lasting future for your product.

Build your customer base

Target your ideal customer demographic, and grow your customer base with our innovative digital projects-based technology.

Strengthen website safety

No need to fear data leaks or reputation disruption, because we will ensure the security barriers of your website are airtight.

Maintain pace with trends

As a business you have to keep up with the developing patterns of the market so you don’t become obsolete.

Digital Auxilius – Transforming the industry with its incredibly efficient and ever-growing web design and development solutions

We believe in continuous improvement. The world is constantly changing in every conceivable way, and we wholly understand that if you want to stay relevant you need to keep progressing. Not only are our web design and development tools unparalleled in terms of performance, but we also make sure that we build efficient safety barriers for our clients’ websites.

If you are choosing to work with us, then you can trust that we are on your team. Your goals we would strive to reach as quickly and skillfully as possible, your ideas we would bring to life, and your problems we would put all our machinations to solve. We work closely with our customers to ensure all their digital needs are being met, and that they are aware of the entire process.

Web Design and Development Showcase

Despite me being a new business owner, Digital Auxilius built me an incredibly professional looking website. In fact, they even made a lot of marketing tweaks to help establish digital footprint within the industry. I have really lucked out in the leads/sales since partnering with DAX - Digital Auxilius.

Diana LopezC.E.O

Conquer the demanding world of digital marketing with our web development services

The number one role of every web development company is to provide useable solutions to clients’ digital product needs, while boosting their products’ performance simultaneously. A high performing website development agency will not only be able to elevate the success of an existing product, but also be able to rapidly push a new product in the most profitable way possible. But only a top-notch digital agency would recognize the constant need to go head-to-head with the market’s growing trends, so their client does not get left behind.

The reason Digital Auxilius stands out is because of its detail-oriented approach to its projects. Each of our departments are occupied, and spearheaded, by professionals well versed in their line of work. They leave no stone unturned when it comes to making sure their client is keeping pace with the changing customer preferences and needs. This ensures that their clients don’t run the risk of being wiped off the map.

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Choose the advanced technology solutions

Whatever your digital project goal or problem is we have a solution for it. Even if your needs are incredibly specific, we will work on custom web development to put you at ease and boost your product.

Build your product with us

Whether it is an app or a website, we will do it all and better. We will make sure that everything goes smoothly from start to finish, and that there are no hiccups on the way. We strive to minimize clients’ stress as much as possible.

Increase product performance through updates

Staying updated is extremely important if you want to stay relevant in this fast-paced field. Businesses run the risk of going obsolete by not revising their product according to the direction the industry flows in. We make sure client stays current, and everything is functioning smoothly.

Safety, and customer service

Our web development company will place impenetrable security standards all over your product, so you never have to fear any safety disturbances from outside sources. Furthermore, we make sure your website leaves a lasting impression on your customer base by providing them with after purchase care.

The type of web development services you choose will make or break your website.

The core of every business is that the return should outweigh the investment made, hence you need to ensure that the web development services you are choosing will add value to your organization in abundance


An excellent content management system used by millions around the world, renowned businesses and talented individuals alike. WordPress is written in PHP and paired with a MYSQL Database. WordPress is one of the well-liked content management system solutions in use.


More than just your typical online store, Shopify is a dream come true for many aspiring entrepreneurs. This multidimensional platform offers several options for businesses, like selling, shipping, engaging with customers, managing finances, and accessing capital.


Ranked as the 10th most popular web framework in 2021, Laravel offers the perfect web framework for custom-made applications. Not only does this PHP run system help you work on the more complex aspects of making a website, but it is also entirely free for all users.

We have a collection of high-quality web development services that will be performed by our incredibly competent professionals.

Our web design and development services not only ensure eradication of issues that might hold your product back, but we also make certain that we can design your product in a way that customers coming back again and again.

Here is a quick overview of what you can expect when working with us:


Get on board with us


Discuss your idea


Choose product type


Craft the design


Develop the product


Market it to the public

Explore the full potential of your business with our website development company

Regardless of the industry you come from, there is no denying that in this day and age you need to be vigilant with your digital product strategies. The type of web development partner you choose could make or break your presence in the digital world. Before picking out the website development agency you want to work with make sure you have thoroughly read through their web page, because you will be in it for the long haul.

What to expect from a high performing web development company?

Whilst a lot of businesses know they need an efficiently designed website to reach their customers, they are not sure of what to look for when picking out a web development company. The factors that differentiate a top-notch web development agency from others is the relationship they develop with their customers. This means that they would be dedicated to fulfilling their customers’ goals, finding solutions to client’s digital problems, and keeping in check any other facets that might help their customers stand out further within the market.

Our team at Digital Auxilius does that and more. We keep an eye on the market trends, ask the right questions, and use the right technology to overcome whatever obstacles might come our clients’ way.

Unparalleled knowledge and expertise

The software industry changes every day, and a top-notch web development company knows that. They will work to familiarize themselves with all the new features and technologies coming into the market, so they can provide the customers with the best possible solution.

A dedicated team

Web development is a never-ending process. There are so many layers to it, and you want to make sure that the team is able to adjust with every stage of the development process. One major goal of the team would be to work on even the most minute details of the project till its launch, and then ready themselves for after purchase care such as updates, maintenance, and repairs.

Diligent quality assurance and proper project management

To develop a high performing web application the team and its manager must take full ownership, and also be persistent when it comes to quality assurance, so they can minimize issues as much as possible.

Here is an overview of our web design and development process

Considering the plethora of websites out there it is obvious that only a few of them would ever be able to succeed. Therefore, it is so important to build a clean cut and focused web development process. Through an array of experiences, Digital Auxilius has developed a seamless system, that can adapt to any set of requirements, and deliver desirable results.

Idea generation

The first step in this process is figuring out what your business needs as far as building your digital footprint is concerned. Here we will work with you to conduct market research and figure who your target audience is. A thorough analysis of your current market standing would also be considered so we know how much vigor to add to the project.

Market research

Once you have an idea in mind, it is time to gather how it would be perceived by your target audience. Yes, we think of everything! This would consist of the target market’s demographic, buying behavior, purchase motivations, and changing preference patterns in the past.


This process will help you draw up what the user journey would look like on your website. This will help in defining the structure of your application, the content angle, and the quality of its functions.

Prototype development

This stage will show you, and your stakeholders, what the final product will look like. With this framework in sight, there can be additions and subtractions made to the site, that might up its quality.

UI and UX designing

The experience the user has with your website would be the primary factor which would turn them into loyal customers. Our team of experts are skilled in developing an intuitive user interface that is effortless to use.

Web Development

Not only do we develop high quality web applications, but we have a 360-detail oriented dedication to the entire process. Our team puts the product through continuous trial and testing, along with quality assurances to make sure that the app runs smoothly and there are little to no hinderances to the performance.

Launch and upkeep

Once we are done developing your product, we will apply all the latest technology into making sure its launch is successful. Not only that, but we also offer to fix any issues and keep the product up to date with the latest software, or changes in trend.

A breakdown of our web development team

We understand the importance of designing the right team for the task and cultivating a high performing environment between them to extract high quality performance. You would even get to meet our team before the project starts, and you can remain in touch with them throughout the process.

Here is a look at who will be hard at work on your incredible product:

UI Designers

User interfaces hold a lot of ground when it comes to making sure your website’s conversion rate is high, and your customers return for further purchases. Our UI designer is an expert in figuring out the sort of visual aspects to add to the website, this includes pictures, icons, fonts, and deciphering complex solutions into simpler results.

UX Designer

Our UX designer would make sure that the visual, and other aspects of your application are working in sync with each other. They ensure that the application is easy to understand, efficient, and practical, which in turn would help retain users’ attention. This will help you improve your conversion rates, simplify the structure of your application, boosting sales as a result.

Frontend Developer

The section of an application that users see and interact with is called frontend. A good developer is the one who will strive to deliver efficient, safe, responsive, and user-friendly applications, while in collaboration with the backend and design teams.

Backend Developer

This team member would be looking parts of the application which are not visible to the average user. They will be the ones responsible to make sure that the webpage related processes of your business run smoothly, and the calculations are accurate. A backend developer who is as skilled as ours would ensure that your app is expandable, when updates come along, and is also delivers fast paced performance.

DevOps Engineer

Our DevOps team will assist you in the IT and development infrastructure management. They will choose the best platform options for you to host your app, and also come up with solid plan on how you should do it for maximum outcome. They will make sure that all the resources are being used efficiently, allowing the site to be expandable for future updates, with all of this resulting in lower maintenance costs.

QA Specialist

Our QA specialist verify that the code embedded in your application promises high quality performance so that your customers can enjoy a trouble-free interaction which would eventually lead to conversion. When QA process are implemented correctly by an experienced professional, it becomes easier to spot potential application issues, which in turn speeds up the development process.

Project Manager

Our project manager verifies that the project is on the right path, and everything is moving smoothly. They make sure that all the tasks are being fulfilled on time, and that we are set to conclude on the given deadline. But it is not only about finishing on time, it is also about determining whether or not all the goals are being achieved. The project manager will be the one to assist you at every level of your cooperation with our web development company. They will not only respond to your product needs, but they will also be acting as your advisor.

It is all about making the right choice

We would reiterate, the key to a good web application is choosing the right web development company, who will not only fulfill your goals efficiently, but they would also strive to add value to it. This is where your impeccable evaluation skills would come in.

You need to make sure that the web development agency that you are partnering operates with the mindset of building a relationship with their customers. This would ensure that they would go out of their way to understand and concentrate on your business goals, before they get started on the project.

Despite housing a team full of professionals, a high performing web development company will also make sure that they keep you involved in the process and keep you updated.

Having an eye for the best digital project related technologies is also what has helped us immensely in being able to achieve our clients’ goals while delivering high quality results.

Secure a profitable future with our web development company

Ours is an incredibly thought out and detail-oriented process. Once we partner with a client, we become 100% invested in them. This means that from start to finish we employ all our resources in making sure we are meeting all your goals and adding value to your business. Starting from consultation to the development of your product, to quality assurance, all the way to publishing and hosting the website, we will strive to deliver high quality performance, so we can ensure significant returns for you in the future.

Ensure one-time visitors turn into regulars with a standout website

Our web development services guarantee your customers will make you the go-to site for whatever you are specializing in. The reason why we can deliver top quality performance is because of our professionals’ dedication to continuous learning. Our team does not only keep up with the latest trends and update their skillset, but the increase in knowledge allows them to innovate while working on projects.

We cover every aspect of the website building process, where we make sure that what the customer experience during and after their visit is not only pleasant but also productive. You want the user interface to friendly, and not waste the visitors’ time. Our team looks through the smallest elements like product details, pictures, time taken for the page to load, etc. We perform quality assurance as well to make sure everything is running smoothly, and that there would be no bugs in the future that could tarnish our client’s reputation.

Keep your website safe from data breaches, and updated

With science and technology consistently advancing, it has become significantly easier for people to hack companies and extract crucial information or tarnish their reputation. What had taken years to build can be destroyed in a day, allowing barely any margin to recuperate. This has led us to really solidify our knowledge on safety precautions to lay down during the website development process.

Not only that, we as professionals also have to make sure that our client does not get left behind in the ever-advancing digital marketing industry. We keep up to date with trends and make sure our clients’ websites do too.

Take the first step to building your dream product, have a chat with one of our experts

If you are looking to build your website and are not sure where to start, have a chat with one our professionals to get an idea of what is in store. We will not only explain the process in detail, but we would love to hear what your vision is and design a plan around that.

Client Website Designed By Web Development Company

NOIP Website Development

The North Oakland Internists, PC, came to us in need of a major website revamp. DAX cleaned up their website from A to Z. We modified their color palette, graphics, front-end along with backend development. We performed a lot of quality assurance tests to ensure everything was in line with NOIP’s brand persona, and easy to use.

Read The Case Study

Refurbishing Prime Revival’s Website

Prime Revival gave us free reign with their web development process. DAX wanted to add as many details about the company as possible. We understood that one major way to gain customer trust is through provision of information. However, we made sure to keep the execution clean, so the website remains easy to navigate.

Read The Case Study
Client Website Developed By Web Development Company

Frequently Asked Questions

Having a burning question, you want answered? We might have done that already, have a look through our list or shoot us an email.

How do I find a good web development company?

Before you commence on the path to finding an ideal web development company you need to figure out what does your product and target audience look like? How are you trying to cater to them through your website? Every webpage is unique; thus, you need to find a web development company that is experienced in designing the website your BRAND needs.

What services does a web development agency provide?

Web development agencies provide a host of crucial services that allow your website to find its footing on the internet. From ideating and developing the framework, navigation, and architecture, to choosing your website’s coding language, programming the backend, adding interactive elements like images and videos, along with performing quality assurances on the end product.

What is the process of website development?

The first step is gathering data about the brand such its goals, the industry it operates in, and its target market. Then comes the sitemap and wireframe creation, this gives customer an idea of what the website would look like. Next, the website starts to take shape as the developer starts to create web pages – adding graphics. Content writing, coding, testing, review and launch then follow.

How long does a web development project takes to complete?

The total duration of project completion will depend on your requirements. The first two weeks consist of planning and strategizing, which is followed by wireframe and sitemap development. Then comes the graphic designing, coding, product development, quality assurance, launch, and maintenance. We break the process down into manageable layers that makes it easy for the customer to follow.

How much does it cost to build a website?

Our web development services are divided by business website and ecommerce website – each of them entailing three unique packages. Business website development packages would cost you between $699 – $1299, whereas Ecommerce website development packages vary from $899 – $1999. However, the web development costs are subject to change according to an increase or decrease in your goals and requirements.

Let’s convert your idea into a reality

Schedule a Free Expert Session with Digital Auxilius Head of Sales

We are excited to hear from you and be a part of the next big great idea. Send us a message with your requirements and our representative will get back to you within a couple of hours.

    Business Web

    Digital Auxilius provides a 360-degree web development experience to its clients. Whether it is web design and development, content, graphic designing, or any other complex aspects of digital consumer strategy field, we will leave no stone unturned in making your website a benchmark in the digital industry.

    E-Commerce Web Development

    We are cognizant of the significant role a well-made ecommerce user interface plays. We, at Digital Auxilius, have finessed site structuring techniques to ensure high quality lead generation, with low bounce rate. Through our result driven approach, your ecommerce website is guaranteed to stand out.

    Custom Web

    At Digital Auxilius we believe in the process and organization when it comes to helping our clients achieve their objectives. We take a more holistic approach to our custom website development process where we always factor in our digital marketing efforts. Our trick is to develop website designs that take in the customer’s viewpoint.