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Make your brand worth remembering with our creative business card design

Our graphic designers meticulously create a multi-faceted business card to act as a pocket billboard for your brand.

Our digital card making services can also act as a direct marketing tool

Technology has significantly shifted gears for businesses in today’s age. Where written communication is going paperless, one tangible approach persists i.e., a business card. It is one printed mode of correspondence and plays a momentous role in creating a landmark. This marketing tool may fit in a pocket but features a humongous impact by representing the brand’s identity and credibility.

Turn passerby into devoted customers with impressive business card designs

Achieve a myriad of benefits from a pocket-size digital tool

Ease of communication

A business card contains all the vital contact information in a small space. Therefore, it is a feasible means to communicate and connect with clients, and other businesses.

Convenient referral

A brand experiences new heights of awareness when it is referred from one party to another. An impeccably designed business card can efficiently compel referrals to mark its identity.

Establish trust

One primary approach to stay ahead of the highly volatile market is to be credible. Owning a well-thought and well-designed business card speaks of the brand’s professionalism and credibility.

True Representation

From the logo in a corner to bespoke fonts and color scheme – a business card imparts a personalized touch to the brand. It creates a favorable first impression that lingers forever.

Prime Revival

For Prime Revival, we devised an identity that resonates with the audience and resides within their subconscious. Our business card design color palette symbolized medicine and trust for future brand recall.

Prime Revival Business Card Design By DAX

Problem World

As the name indicates, the business card maker approach for the brand had to exhibit a unique aesthetic. Set against a white background the logo of an inflamed globe imparted the true essence of Problem World. We highlighted the logo and the person behind the concept as a much more direct approach.

Problem World Business Card Maker By DAX


Our business card maker strategy featured the colors white and green to represent health and wellbeing. The strategic placement of the logo in the center was able to grasp the attention at the first glance.

NOIP Business Card Maker By DAX


Minerva aspired to stand next to others in the same league. Our approach was similar to their mission and hence we created a monotonous black business card design. The strategy was to render the card capable of lingering in the mind of the person who holds it.

Minerva Business Card Design By DAX

“We weren’t sure of the importance of a business card until we handed it over to our clients. The small piece of card was designed so strategically by Digital Auxilius, that it intrigued the reader at first sight. We saw our clients be invested in our brand and looking forward to knowing more about us.”

See your entrepreneurial visions come true with a commanding narrative

Possessing a business card at hand imparts a sense of professionalism. It conveys the idea that you were prepared to introduce your brand to the other party. The multipurpose marketing tool covers nearly all the promotional needs of a business.

From advertising, brand awareness, CTA to contact information, a business card encompasses all crucial elements in a small space. It is a vital aspect of the branding process and is even termed as a visual extension of a brand’s design.


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Digital Auxilius – Our creative business card design is a true representation of your brand identity

Business cards act as the fundamental pillar of the brand’s first interaction with the customer.  While it is a secondary means for advertising, it is a prerequisite to establishing direct contact with the other person. With the brand logo and other information placed strategically, the user connects with the brand at that moment. Our business card maker strategy incorporates interesting, and engaging elements that compel the other person to give it another glance.

The artistic designers begin by first understanding the brand’s ideology so they could incorporate just the right elements into it. The entire process aims to ensure that the brand image and its personality resonate with the audience. We want our client’s brand identity to not only influence their customers, but also become a benchmark of their industry.

Business Card Design Services

We invested a lot of our time and effort in creating our brand and its image. However, we struggled to refer ourselves directly to the client. Digital Auxilius, rescued us by designing a business card so unique and true to our brand identity that it immediately imparts our message to the other person.

Jaxon GabrielC.E.O

Transcend from the rest with our quintessential business card design

It might not be the primary advertising tool, but our result-driven business card designs improve brand recognition. From creating a lasting impression to exhibiting relevant details, our business cards add value to the brand’s correspondence with others.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a pixel-based software that renders ease of use to beginners and experts alike. The software possesses several templates that facilitate the designing of a business card.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe illustrator, a vector graphic tool is a must-have business card maker software. Its vast library of graphic elements such as fonts, colors, gradients, and textures are ideal to design a business card.

Experience our dexterous approach and see your business card turn into a networking tool

Our adroit designers first understand your brand narrative and utilize appropriate shape, paper stock fonds, and color themes. We make an effort to render our design capable of communicating the brand’s narrative so that you don’t have to.






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A business card is your first interaction with a client – Make it worthwhile

If you feel left out in a meeting because you’ve nothing to offer but a parting handshake, you’re at the right place. At Digital Auxilius, our tailormade business card maker services cater to every business, irrespective of its scale. So, make the first move to get on board and then leave the rest at us.

Revival Business Card Design By DAX

Revival Research and Institute

While Revival strived to increase participation in their clinical studies, we worked hard to enunciate them in the market. The idea represented how the cycle commenced with a disease, included research, and finished with its cure. We employed a bold color theme that would give it an edge over others in the same league.

Read The Case Study

Premier Home Health Agency

We devised a simple, user-centric approach for Premier Home Health Agency. The card consisted of PHH’s name, logo, tagline, and contact information to deliver information seamlessly. The green and dark brown color schemes were used to resonate with the theme of nature and healing to mimic PHH’s main objective.

Read The Case Study
Premier Home Health Business Card Design By DAX

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Do with Old Business Cards?

In case of relevant information, you can retain the business cards as a backup by eradicating the outdated information. However, in case of inaccurate data, we’d recommend recycling them.

Do you have Pre-Made Templates of Business Card Design?

If you need help with card designing or inspiration, to begin with, we provide various professional, industry-specific templates. Furthermore, we also offer industry-specific business card designs that go well with real estate, photography, lawyers, and other professions. You can modify the design with the company’s logo and other information.

What is a Standard Size of Business Cards?

Standard Business Card Size in Inches: 3.5″ x 2″

Standard Business Card Size in Photoshop: 1050 x 600 Pixels

We also offer square cards or rounded corner cards, which are a little different than the typical business card size.

What are a "Safe Zone" and "Bleed" when it comes to Designing my Business Cards?

A safe zone refers to the area where elements like text, image, and logos are placed. It ensures that such vital elements do not cut off when the card is trimmed to its actual size.

The bleed is where the graphics will bleed off the document so that the color reaches the edges. Most of the business card designs require that your files have a 0.1″ bleed.

How Much Does it Cost to Design a Business Card?

For small businesses and startups, budget is a crucial aspect. To ensure that the marketing strategy remains within the budget, a business card design cost lies between $199 to $999.

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