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A Branding Agency that Fosters Loyalty through Powerful Strategies

Our brand agency ensures your business growth and profitability through customized and targeted brand strategy, identity, and promotion activation.

Branding Services that will Introduce You to a New Stratosphere of Business Growth

Digital Auxilius engages in robust strategy development, identity formulation, and promotion for your brand by promptly diving into extensive market research of your industry. We deliver an all-inclusive branding services package where we devise a brand presence using every mode of digital and traditional marketing in our toolkit. After identifying your target market, we develop a visual and digital brand identity that would attract leads, breed brand loyalty, and boost profitability.

By studying your organization, your target market, and your sector we create a brand strategy that promises growth and sustainability

We develop brand stories customers can’t turn away from

Identifying Your Competitive Advantage

We don’t only identify loopholes within your industry, but craft your brand’s competitive advantage that will cover those gaps.

Target Market Customized Branding Strategy

We design customized digital and traditional marketing methods that your target market will respond to, and assimilate with.

Humanizing your Brand through Social Media

Through consistent social media community interaction, we engage your target market, and help personify your brand to increase brand loyalty.

Crafting a Compelling Brand Identity and Story

Digital Auxilius develops a brand identity your ideal buyers will identify with, and fashions brand stories your target market will relate to.


The up-and-coming fashion brand wanted a minimalistic design that would leave more room to show off their futuristic designs. We formulated a compelling visual brand story through a fitting logo, website icons and images, and social media posts.

Tassels Branding By Branding Agency

North Oakland Internists, PC

Digital Auxilius wanted to help position NOIP as one of Michigan’s medical industry key players. We communicated brand authority through a professional looking website, research written blog posts, a noteworthy logo, and sophisticated business cards.

NOIP Visiting Card Design by Branding Agency

REVIVAL – Clinical Research

We decided to employ both traditional and digital branding to build trust with Revival Research Institute’s ever-changing target market. We developed content and visuals for their website and social media, along with designing and scripting flyers and brochures.

Revival Flyer Design by Branding Agency

Premier Home Health

The at-home medical services provider had a broad consumer market to target. We utilized traditional branding methods such as brochures, and flyers, along with digital tactics like website design and logo. We used distinct color palates for both print media items to match their theme of healing.

Premier Home Health Branding

“Digital Auxilius introduced me to a whole new world of branding. My once dead website and social media pages are now bustling with buyer activity!”

Building an exceptional brand identity would not be possible without a perceptive team

An unforgettable brand is one that becomes a visual manifestation of its own message which oozes through various promotional methods. It is our job, as your branding agency, to turn your brand’s story into a memorable brand image.

For that, we have established a team that consistently learns, and is not afraid to take risks for the sake of brand growth. They stimulate the target market by incorporating different branding services to not only spur purchase, but also drive brand loyalty.


Projects Delivered Successfully


Branding Related Services


Client Satisfaction

Digital Auxilius- A branding agency that kindles brand loyalty by crafting a captivating consumer journey

Your brand is your business’s most valuable asset. It allows you to control the narrative and decide the sort of image you want your consumers to have of your organization. A strong brand image allows for immediate brand recall, such as being reminded of Starbucks because of a green and white cup.

Our branding services are created through research, discovery, and additions. We are constantly prowling the market for latest trends, working hard to keep our process flexible enough to fit various clients and their objectives. As a branding agency we believe that creating a brand image goes beyond a logo. We believe in creating a brand story that fuses the company’s history, its personality, its processes, and its products/services. We create a brand image that clings to the subconscious.

Branding Agency Services

I never knew how important a brand identity was until Digital Auxilius created one for me. They created an entire brand journey for my target market to follow, instilling details of our history, values, and process. I have never seen more engagement on my social media and website before, as I do today.

William TheodoreC.E.O

We Seek and Utilize State-of-the-Art Branding Tools to Propel Brand Loyalty that Lasts.

After years of research, we have developed elastic branding services that can be tweaked and modelled to suit various brands and their objectives.

Brand Strategy

We imbed robust brand strategies that are developed through target market and competitor research, plus assimilation of the brand’s story, message, and voice.

Brand Identity

We create beguiling brand identities that stick, by fusing logos, colors, fonts, patterns, icons, and design together.

Brand Marketing

We utilize brand marketing such as social media, email marketing, PPC, SEO and content, to solidify your brand in your target market’s mind.

How We turn your Idea into an Invincible Brand Identity that brings in Quality Leads and Effectuates Business Sustainability.

Our branding agency puts a lot of muscle in crafting a brand image that will add value to your customers and business. We contort brands into revenue producing powerhouses through careful research plus consistent learning and improvement.

Get to know our branding process down below:


Client Onboard


Gather Project Requirements


Conduct Market Research


Develop and Implement Brand Strategy


Analysis and Evaluation


Updates and Improvements

Our branding agency has set a lot of brand journeys in motion, let’s start working on yours!

Several businesses have taken a leap of faith with us. Effusive, we have returned that trust with a research-designed brand image that consistently excels within the industry. Below are two of our long-term clients whom we have zealously executed dynamic branding for.

Digital Branding of Revive Research By Branding Agency

Revive Research Institute

We employed both traditional and digital branding services to help this diligent research institute position themselves as aces of their industry. We reoriented their color palette, designed a new logo, and consistently developed invigorating social media posts that would reach their target audience. For traditional branding we opted for strategically developed, clean flyer and brochure designs.

Read The Case Study

Prime Revival

Prime Revival wanted to build a bulletproof brand image that would incite the target market to participate. We worked on their visuals, and developed well-researched content, that gave an insight on how methodical they are.

Read The Case Study
Digital Branding of Prime Revival By Branding Agency

Frequently Asked Questions

Having a burning question, you want answered? We might have done that already, have a look through our list or shoot us an email.

What is a brand?

A brand is the personality and identity of your business. It forms an impression, a story, about your business and imbeds it within their subconscious. It is how the market separates you from your competitors and helps you stand out.

Why does my business need professional branding services?

Your business needs a strong visual identity to attract its target customers. A professional branding service helps you stand out from your competitors and lets people know, and relate to, your brand’s story.

How do you design strategies for different branding products?

To offer the best branding products, we first dive into the clients’ requirements. Then, we do a thorough research of the client’s business, target market, and industry of operation. Afterwards, we move on to crafting the brand strategy and story as per our analysis and client’s demands.

Can’t I just get branding done for $5 on Fiverr?

A brand is much more than just logo. It is the story, look and voice of a brand.

A high quality branding process involves conducting market research of your market, testing color schemes in different environments, creating a unique logo etc. It is a lengthy process that involves a team of professionals along with a refined and tested development methodology.

What is the cost of your branding services?

Though we always try to be cost effective, their prices can change according to your requirements and the branding services you need.

Let’s convert your idea into a reality

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    Personal Branding

    We take your history, values, and work ethics and build it into an unstoppable public persona people cannot turn away from. You will have our entire branding team working tirelessly to put you in front of your target viewers and ensure they get onboard!

    Corporate Branding

    Digital Auxilius creates corporate brand identities that compels viewers to explore and attach themselves to. We use an integrated approach to relay our clients’ newly cultivated brand identity at all platforms to capture maximum customer engagement.