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Our UI UX Designers creates infused user journeys that converts Brand Curiosity into Brand Loyalty

We Don’t Just Create Websites, A UI UX Design Agency that Creates Digital Experiences to Shift Minds and Move Markets

Our UI UX Designer Creates Digital Visitor Journeys that Activates Lead Conversions and Customer Relationships

Our UI UX design has physical, ergonomic, and cognitive sciences infused within every corner of your website’s canvas. Our UI UX designer believes in creating websites that give visitors control. We not only craft user interfaces that are easy to navigate, but we also ensure reduced user cognitive load. Through needs anticipation, reversible actions, purchase statuses, minimal task completion actions, and page sections visitors can enjoy quality shopping experiences.

We have a Lead and Customer Focused UI/UX Development Approach for Cultivating Brand Recognition

Cognitive UI UX Design Means Great Brand Engagement

User Sensitivity

Our UI UX design requires lesser effort for task completion, anticipates visitor needs, eliminates jargons, and accommodates users of abilities

User Friendly

Our UI UX designer ensures website user friendliness through product information, simple and clean navigation, page sectioning, and visual aids

User Control

We enable user website control through process status updates, reversible actions, and making website usable for visitors of different skill levels

Consistent Updates

Our UI UX designer manages your website’s user friendliness through consistent updates and error elimination


Our UI UX designer let Tassel’s personality and vibrant colors do most of the work, while building clearly sectioned webpages. We ensured easy website navigation visual aids, text fonts, categories, and production information.

Tassels UI UX Design

Revival Research Institute

Revival produces a lot of studies through their research, while calling a new set of participants for other, more meticulously designed researches.  Our UI UX designer focused on categories, information provision, CTA forms, webpage loading speed, smooth transitions, and fewer signup steps.

Revival Research UI UX Design


While WearX catered to a broad demographic, they also wanted to show off their wide assortment of brand products. Every product had ample information and visuals, we also provided numerous categories for visitors to sift through.

Wearx UI UX Design

Premier Home Health

Our UI UX designer transformed this client’s largely informative website into an easy to navigate, clean website while retaining all of the pertinent information. They also added a feature for the visually challenged to maneuver the website’s color and size options for easier usability.

Premier Home Health UI UX Design

“I did not even know I could cultivate customer relationship through my website, since I only saw it as a platform for transactional purposes. Now, not only am I experiencing more traffic, my social media pages growing thanks to my new website’s user interface.”

Show Your Customers How Much You Care through User Friendly Website Designs

Today, acquiring brand loyalty is a long, encapsulated process that requires companies to utilize different elements of brand-customer interaction. Gone are the days of aloof businesses that only relied on product quality to hook customers. Now, from color scheme to website experience, the brand has to remain fused to the customer’s subconscious.

For that you need high functioning digital agencies to help you craft intelligent user experiences from A to Z.


Projects Delivered Successfully


Different Graphic Services


Client Satisfaction

At Digital Auxilius We Create Research Developed, Cognitively Aligned Ergonomic UI UX Designs.

Digital Auxilius UI UX experts well-versed in not only design development, but also cognitive and behavioral website components. They consistently research the market to understand consumer behavior, and study developments currently brewing in the new generation of customers. We are constantly experimenting with new designs to see which ones are more ergonomically friendly – which ones give consumers better grip.

We also make sure that our UI UX designs are sensitive to all types of users. Our UI UX designer makes websites functional for users of all skills. Whether you are technologically inclined or not, our website design will be maneuverable for you. Not only that, our UI UX designs are also sensitive to users who are visually challenged. We often include color and size altering options for ease of use.

Hire UI UX Designer

Digital Auxilius took my chunky website and turned it into a lucrative source of revenue for my business. I have so many customers revisiting my website and making repeated purchases, all thanks to Digital Auxilius’ UI UX design.

Lucas JacksonMarketing Manager

Digital Auxilius uses Market Trending, Sophisticated to Build UI/UX Design that Generates Brand Loyalty.

Our UI/UX design strategy is developed through comprehensive research of your industry, to ensure our product remains aligned with your business objective.

Adobe XD

Introduced by Adobe inc., Adobe XD is a vector based UX designing tool that has been developed for web and mobile applications. Adobe XD has made a name for itself in terms of enabling a more cohesive user experience.


Developed by Sketch B.V., Sketch is an award-winning user interface design tool that functions primarily on macOS for web and mobile apps. It also offers web applications that let users operate the platform on any computer.


This, vector graphics editor and prototyping tool is a macOS and Windows user interface design desktop application. Figma’s real-time collaboration feature is one of its prominent aspects, along with its prototype viewing and real-time on-mobile interaction.

Each Digital Auxilius UI UX Designer Develops Products Using a Transparent and Agile Process, Leaving Room for Quality Testing and Updates

Digital Auxilius works using a deeply collaborative internal process. We believe in keeping the system transparent, consistently acquiring client approval at every stage of the project development process.


Requirement Gathering


UI/UX Research


Visual Concept Strategy


Wireframe Development


Q/A and Client Approval


Updates and Error Removal

Each Digital Auxilius UI UX Designer has created exceptional user journeys for Our Clients,Helping Them Amass Significant Consumer Leads.

When it comes to our clients, we develop a UI UX design that retains their brand’s personality but caters to every target demographic. Whether they serve a singular ideal buyer’s persona, or multiple, we make designs that are practical for everyone.

Client Website Designed By Web Development Company

North Oakland Internist

North Oakland Internists, PC offers several healthcare services that needed easy to understand webpage of their own. They wanted to focus on their provision of pre-booked appointments. Our UI UX designer inserted several call-to-actions, statistics, physician information, and process details.

Read The Case Study

Revive Research Institute

The high performing research institute wanted to relay information on its studies, and gather new demographic for its oncoming endeavors. Our UI UX designer cut out various sections, each dedicated to their researches, services, and the illnesses they were studying. They also installed several call-to-actions on the site to make signing up for each study easier.

Read The Case Study
Revive Research Website by DAX UI UX Designer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is UI Design?

UI in UI design stands for “user interface.” This is the graphical layout of website, or an application comprised of all the elements the visitors will interact with. It consists of icons, texts, images, sliders, transitions, animations, etc. All these instruments coupled together make for a user experience, that converts leads into customers.

What is UX design?

UX stands for “user experience.” The quality of user’s experience with the app is determined by how easy it is to interact with it. User experience is determined by how easy or difficult it is to interact with the website and fulfill one’s product/service needs.

How UI And UX Designers Work Together?

The UI designer strategizes the visual aspect of the website, whilst the UX designer works on its functional factor. The UX team works on the flow of the app, such as its task navigation, whilst the UI team looks at how the elements will look on the screen.

How long does it take to create a design with a UI/UX Design Agency?

The time duration of design development depends on the project, however an experienced UI/UX design agency takes an average of one to two weeks.

What other Services your UI/UX Design company offers?

Our UI/UX Design Company also does Logo Design, Business Card Design, and Interface Animation. On top of that, we offer Graphic Design and Branding Services as well.

Let’s convert your idea into a reality

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    UI/UX Design

    At Digital Auxilius, our goal is to render businesses capable of winning their customer’s confidence. Our sophisticated UI/UX design services put forward our client’s narrative in a manner that engages the audience.

    Logo Design

    A logo is responsible for creating a long-lasting impression. We create tailor-made logo designs for our clients that resonate in the customer’s minds for a long time.

    Business Card Design

    A business card is a miniature billboard that fits into your pocket. Our team of skilled designers creates customized business cards that retain a timeless identity for your brand.

    Brand Identity Design

    Brand identity is important to remain at the surface of a myriad of other similar businesses. We employ thorough research to create a distinct brand identity for our clients.

    Animation Design

    Animation design plays an important role to promote brand messaging. Our craft-savvy team put to use enthralling animation that breathes life into the site interface.

    Product Photography

    Product photography depicts the quality of the brand itself. At Digital Auxilius, we convey a clear picture of your product to your consumers to make a good impression.