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Clean, Affordable, Customized Business Website that Drives Lead Conversion

Through a carefully strategized process we develop a business website tailor-made to your requirements, with features that yield quality leads

Strengthen your Profit Margins with our Custom-Made Small Business Website

Regardless of your business’s scale of operation, a cleverly designed, well-structured website design can draw mounds of profit through high-volume traffic and ensure lead conversion that evolves into brand loyal customers. We help you build a brand identity and implement brand recall to cement high profit margins for the future. Our web design agency creates websites that are clean, informational, and most importantly, appeal to the target market.

We assure lowest load time, SEO optimized, well-researched information and easy to navigate webpages web design and development strategies

Charm your target market with an intuitive business website

Requirement Compatible Custom Website

Instead of using cookie-cutter templates, we believe in creating websites that show off your brand’s personality and fulfill its goals.

Brand Appropriate Information Dense Pages

We make sure to add all the relevant information your ideal buyers would need to not only explore further but also become loyal customers.

Lead Conversion-Driven Business Website

We deliver websites that not only consistently garners targeted traffic in high-volume, but also converts visitors into customers.

Website with a Loading Time under 5 Seconds

We make sure that your website loads within 5 seconds through plug-in utilization, image resizing, along with JavaScript and CSS rescaling.

Seamless Webpage to Webpage Navigation

Our developers make sure that your website’s webpage to webpage and section to section navigation is buttery smooth through consistent and careful rescaling.

Business Website that Ensures Brand Recall

We develop websites that ensnare visitors and guarantee brand recall through seamless navigation, striking aesthetics, and appropriate information.

Providing Quality Online Customer Experience

Our web design agency makes websites that converts visitors into buyers by providing a synergized online customer experience to your target market.

SEO Strengthened Website and Content

We augment every pore of your webpages according to SEO guidelines to make sure it ranks on Google SERPs and attracts the right leads every time.

A web design agency which fosters customer brand loyalty through websites that boost high-volume lead generation and conversion

Digital Auxilius grows with its customers. We feel at our zenith when we are able to add value to our clients’ business. Garnering quality leads and ensuring they will convert into brand loyal customers is a long, drawn-out process which we take full responsibility for. We have exceptional web professionals within our vicinity who utilize advanced tools to build a business website that directly targets a company’s ideal buyers.

Our web developers aim for clean websites that deliver a rich user experience through immaculate headers, smooth navigation, and well-organized sections. We make sure that our websites are pristine and easy to use so that every visitor that steps onto our webpages converts into a buyer, and eventually a consistent customer.

Small Business Website Development

I had been leaning towards a solely promotional perspective for my business website when it actually needed a technical angle. Thankfully, Digital Auxilius stopped me from making such a blunder and instead incorporated both techniques. 10/10, will definitely work with them on another project again!

John YatesDirector

We build you an Indomitable Digital Presence from Scratch, Beginning with an Unforgettable Business Website

Digital Auxilius makes websites that appeal the brand’s target market. We strategize our visual elements to fuse together in a way that not only conveys the brand’s message and personality but also graphically represent the possibility that their queries would be answered through our brand. We implement vigorous SEO strategies to optimize website to rank on Google SERPs. Not only that, but our web design agency’s content department devises website passages also that your visitors would want to read. We design and develop a website that would communicate with your visitors and humanize your brand to its target demographic.

Our process starts with a thorough research of your business, target market and industry of operation. We look for loopholes in communication within the market you operate, crafting a visual and literal message that will not only draw your ideal buyers to your website but also have them coming back constantly. We make sure that your visitors will not only be taken through a valuable user experience but also come out with a solution to their problem.

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Setting the Groundworks Through Research

Before building a strategy, we do copious research on our client’s business, their target market, and the industry they operate in. Only then can we make a SWOT analysis that becomes the basis for our web development.

Quality Content and Robust SEO Strategies

We develop content that acts as a written response to your target market’s challenges. Our web design agency then applies potent SEO strategies that will push your website at the forefront of Google SERPs.

Websites your Target Markets considers Valuable

Our web developers create small business websites your ideal buyers want to see and use. Through our market research we identify digital communication gaps your brands can cash in on, and fulfill them through strategized web development.

Installing Airtight Cyber Security

We are vigilant when it comes to cyber security. We build impenetrable business websites that will protect user data and ensure swift functioning of your digital resource.

Our Web Agency uses Progressive Web Development tools to turn your Idea into a Digital Reality.

Our web developers possess the best development and design tools in the market to produce impactful websites.


An excellent content management system used by millions around the world, renowned businesses, and talented individuals alike. WordPress is written in PHP and paired with a MYSQL Database. WordPress is one of the well-liked content management system solutions in use.


Ranked as the 10th most popular web framework in 2021, Laravel offers the perfect web framework for custom-made applications. Not only does this PHP run system help you work on the more complex aspects of making a website, but it is also entirely free for all users.

We deploy a high-functioning web development strategy that has been crafted using comprehensive research of the industry.

Every single product that Digital Auxilius puts out has been powered by a meticulous strategy that is consistently refined to match the mercurial consumer demands and industry of operation.

Here is a quick overview of what you can expect when working with us:


Get on board with us


Discuss your idea


Choose product type


Craft the design


Develop the product


Market it to the public

You get One Step Closer to Building your Dream Product Every Time you Communicate with Us

We are a web design agency that communicates. We never keep our clients in the dark about our progress with their project, hence we will consistently approach you with updates to ensure that our work is bringing you closer to fulfilling your business’s objectives.

Client Website Designed By Web Development Company

North Oakland Internists Business Website

The North Oakland Internists, PC, came to us in need of a major website revamp. DAX cleaned up their website from A to Z. We modified their color palette, graphics, front-end along with backend development. We performed a lot of quality assurance tests to ensure everything was in line with NOIP’s brand persona, and easy to use.

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Prime Revival Business Website Renovation

As a clinical research trial management organization, Prime Revival’s primary goal was to garner a participant demographic that would match each study’s requirement. This meant that every time a new study would emerge, the institute would produce a new of requirements for their participant criteria. Digital Auxilius helped them refurbish their website and added sections that not only recorded their previous studies but also helped them justify their motives for the current study they were recruiting for.

Read The Case Study
Client Website Developed By Web Development Company

Frequently Asked Questions

Having a burning question, you want answered? We might have done that already, have a look through our list or send us an email.

Is it worth having a website for small business?

84% of American consumers find brands with websites, a strong online presence, far more credible than brands who don’t. Websites provide businesses with a lot of flexibility and control in terms of branding and building credibility, thus attracting more customers in return.

How do I find a web design agency to design a website for my small business?

When looking for a web design agency it is important that you go through their own website and look at how they have incorporated every aspect of digital marketing. Digital Auxilius is diligent when it comes to utilizing digital marketing fundamentals effectively to not only its website, but also its clients’.

How much does it cost to build a website for small business?

The average cost to build a website for small business is $1,200 to $2,000. This is an accumulated cost of purchasing your domain name and website hosting plan, along with designing and building your site, and making sure the user experience is high quality. How much your business pays to create your website will depend on its size, features, and complexity.

Let’s convert your idea into a reality

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