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Welcome to Item Vault

An innovative cloud inventory management software for the healthcare sector. Item Vault is set to partner with different clinical research organizations, to assure greater trial success and improved patient outcomes.

Plans & Pricing
Item Vault - Cloud Inventory Management Software


Let your inventory grow parallel to your recruitment goal. With Item Vault, run multiple trials without the fear of running out of space.


Each clinical trial is distinct in its study, site equipment, IPs, and data. With Item Vault, CROs can customize their cloud inventory as per requirement.

Zero Downtime

Have hassle-free inventory control through Item Vault’s zero-downtime server connectivity.

An Efficient Cloud Inventory Management Software for the Research Industry

Healthcare organizations need a structured inventory management system to improve information transparency, reduce stock-outs, and most importantly run the facility effectively.

In the clinical industry, a cloud inventory management system offers comprehensive visibility and control over each inventory level at each clinical site. For clinical research organizations, systematic inventory management helps run a well-organized clinical trial that meets all their timelines.

Item Vault – The Ultimate Inventory Management Solution

Item Vault is a state-of-the-art inventory management system that helps CROs run a clinical trial while maintaining its efficiency and progress. The cloud inventory management software helps organizations take charge of their site equipment, investigational products, lab kits, and other resources involved in a study.

Why Item Vault - Cloud Inventory Management Software

Why Item Vault?

Item Vault offers complete autonomy over your inventory for one or multiple clinical studies and sites. Here, you can keep an active track of the products in the supply chain and the trail in real-time.

Item Vault - Cloud Inventory Management Software Designed for Clinical Research Organizations

Our Industry:

Item Vault is a digital inventory management solution for healthcare organizations such as clinical research sites, labs, hospitals, and medical centers.

Key Features And Functionalities in Item Vault - Cloud Inventory Management Software

Key Features and Functionalities:

  • Manage multiple sites and studies.
  • Receive notification for low inventory.
  • Receive calibration support.
  • Manage supply chain efficiently.
  • Get assistance from a 24/7 support team.
  • Set and receive updates for optimal inventory limit.
  • Generate QR code for each item for easy tracking.

Manage Multiple Sites from a Single Dashboard

Based on an enterprise model, Item Vault allows clients to have multiple sites, each of which can be managed by different staff members. It offers multiple access tiers according to the user’s position to maintain the integrity and accuracy of a clinical trial. The cloud inventory management software allows control over users, calibration, reports, and purchase order numbers to systemize each trial.

“Item Vault has made inventory management quick, simple, and precise.”

Simon CarterFounder

Take a Glimpse into
What Item Vault Can Do For You?

Item Vault is equipped with various features and functionalities that help sustain the trial’s momentum. The inventory management software can customize its features and functionalities efficiency to mimic any trial’s requirement. It uploads the site information into an AWS-powered cloud inventory system and provides access to project managers across all sites.

From building a storage room and monitoring temperature to receiving notifications for product and certification expiry – Item Vault offers comprehensive inventory control. You can see how Item Vault will work for your organization by scheduling a demo and witnessing its potential live.

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Item Vault - Cloud Inventory Management System
Item Vault - Cloud Inventory Management Software

An Inventory Management Software Powered by Innovative Features

Item Vault is set to lead the healthcare industry with its promising and pioneering features.

Inventory Management Software with Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup

Store data complained with HIPAA policy at a centrally managed backup server.

Multiple Clinical Sites Management with Cloud Inventory Management Software

Multiple Sites Management

Efficient and convenient multiple-site management from a single dashboard.

Automated Alerts in Item Vault - Cloud Inventory Management Software

Automated Alerts

Remain up-to-date with your inventory with the push notification feature.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Item Vault?

Item Vault is an Inventory Management System for Healthcare Sector to maintain, record, update, and monitor multiple items. These items may include site equipment, investigational products [IP], Lab kits, etc.

Who can use the Item Vault?

Item Vault is primarily designed for healthcare facilities including:

  • Labs.
  • Clinical Research Sites.
  • Clinics.
  • Medical Centers.
  • Hospitals.

What are the features of the Item Vault?

Item Vault allows company, site, user, role, study, and order management. In addition, Item Vault’s other features include building your room, temperature monitoring, managing equipment, users, calibration, reports, and time stamps.

How does the system help in tracking the inventory levels and expiry dates?

With Item Vault, you can set an optimal inventory level. You will receive a notification whenever an item falls below the threshold level. In addition, you will also be notified when a product or certificate is approaching its expiry date.

Based on an enterprise model, Item Vault allows clients to have multiple sites, each of which can be managed by different staff members. It offers multiple access tiers according to the user’s position to maintain the integrity and accuracy of a clinical trial. The cloud inventory management software allows control over users, calibration, reports, and purchase order numbers to systemize each trial.

How is the system accessible and user-friendly for users with different levels of technical expertise?

Item Vault is based on an enterprise model and offers multiple access tiers per the user’s designation. You can assign distinct access and role to a user on different modules. As a result, the user will perform a set of actions on that particular module.

Can we customize the system to meet our specific business requirements?

Yes, Item Vault offers scalability and can be customized according to every business requirement.

Can the system generate reports and analyses of the different modules?

Yes, our cloud inventory management software can generate activity log reports for both company and site users. In addition, Item Vault also generates custom reports featuring equipment, order, calibration, and finance information. The user can filter these reports by time, date, and title and download them in PDF and Excel format.

How does the system handle the ordering and procurement process?

To place an order, the user first places an order with the corporate team. Once the order is received, the procurement team provides relevant information regarding the vendor, price, and purchase type (credit card or invoiceable item).

Orders above $500 would require approval from the Finance department. If/when the latter disapproves the purchase, they’ll be encouraged. Once the order is accepted, the details will be input into the system.

Does Item Vault support equipment Calibration? If yes, how does it work?

The site user can establish a request to the company admin on equipment calibration. Now the company admin will get the equipment to calibrate and issue the calibration certification. A site user can view and even download the certificate.

What is the cost of the system, and what kind of support and maintenance services are offered?

We will reveal Item Vault’s package soon, but you can get an idea from our detailed blog of software development cost.

Customize Item Vault for Your Organization

From a small-scale clinical research organization to an industry giant, Item Vault’s scalable capabilities can be custom-built for each organization.

Full Customization

DAX proffers completely customized plans for our clients. We provide tailor-made and easy-to-understand and executed strategies for our business customers.

Round-the-Clock Support

DAX offers strong, approachable support throughout the day. We are accessible 24/7 for our clients for editing or any sort of changes.

Powered by Cloud

Our system is powered by AWS cloud. This software is capable of managing all the pre and post-event appointments. It ensures regularized operations during the event.

Powerful Technology Stack

Our robust technology stack consists of advanced JavaScript software like Node, ReactJS, and Laravel contributes to building the user interface and web app development.

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