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An efficient pre-clinical trial management system. Syncora is a feasibility software designed to empower researchers and institutions to navigate the intricate pre-clinical trial processes effectively.

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Syncora - Clinical Trial Managment System

Collaborative Virtual Workspaces

Syncora provides virtual collaboration spaces that enable researchers, sponsors, and external partners to work together in a secure and integrated environment.

Subject Recruitment Planning

Syncora assists in developing strategies to recruit eligible participants for the trial, leveraging patient databases and recruitment feasibility analyses.

Timeline Management

Syncora creates and visualizes project timelines, milestones, and critical path activities to keep the trial on track.

Why Do You Need a Pre-Clinical Trial Management System

Pre-clinical trial management can become a hefty task. Researchers can have difficulty tracking all the data coming in from clinical trial lead management, site selection, and risk assessment. As a result, things become difficult and the entire process can be delayed.

Syncora – Your Solution to Pre-Clinical Trial Management

Syncora is a one-of-a-kind pre-clinical trial management system with a user-friendly interface and cloud backup. It helps researchers synchronize data from the very first stage. Moreover, it assists teams in adhering to timelines and tracking delays pre-trial. The pre-clinical trial management software helps maintain site information and PI profiles and clinical trial lead management to help run smooth processes.

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Clinical Trial Management - Syncora

Key Features And Functionalities

  • Helps identify suitable sites for the clinical trial.
  • Ensures adherence to regulatory requirements by tracking and managing trial documentation.
  • Facilitates prompt communication and collaboration among research teams.
  • Creates project timelines.
  • Allows customization to accommodate the unique requirements of different trials.
  • Keeps track of all actions, modifications, and interactions in the system for transparency and accountability.
  • Spots potential risks in the planning phase to proactively handle problems beforehand.

Why Syncora?

The application empowers you to foresee potential bottlenecks, recruitment challenges, and budgetary fluctuations before they arise. This foresight allows you to proactively adapt your trial strategy, make informed decisions, and ensure smoother trial initiation.

What Is Syncora?

Syncora is a pre-clinical trial management system that helps to organize, oversee, and streamline the various stages of preclinical research studies conducted before clinical trials.

Manage Multiple Sites from a Single Dashboard

Based on an enterprise model, Syncora allows researchers to track multiple sites, each of which the staff can manage accordingly. It offers multiple access tiers according to the user’s position to maintain the integrity and accuracy of pre-clinical trial data. The pre-clinical trial management system allows complete data integration, risk assessment, and timeline management to systemize pre-clinical trials.

“Syncora effectively consolidated our pre-clinical trial data and enhanced the accuracy of our research.”

Benjamin TwainFounder

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What Syncora Can Do For You?

Syncora is a feasibility software equipped with various features and functionalities that help sustain pre-trial momentum. The pre-clinical trial management system has customizable features to efficiently mimic pre-trial requirements and data management. It uploads the site information into an AWS-powered cloud backup to secure data losses.

From site selection and startup and clinical trial lead management to feasibility review and data management – Syncora offers comprehensive trial control. You can see how Syncora will work for your organization by scheduling a demo and witnessing its potential live.

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Pre Clinical Trial Management System Prcoess

A Pre-Clinical Trial Management System Powered by Feasibility

Syncora is set to lead the clinical research industry with its flexible and adaptable features.

Efficient Tracking

Syncora efficiently tracks the points of delays and helps streamline the pre-trial process.


We believe in feasibility, Syncora is a user-friendly software that is easy to learn for use.


We love to design and offer prolific features on a pocket-friendly budget.

Precision Control

Our system allows you control over users, reports, and calibration, bringing precision and order to every phase.

Real-Time Insights

See delays before they become bottlenecks. Our system offers real-time insights into progress, helping you anticipate challenges and act proactively to keep your trial timeline on track.

Effortless Collaboration

Imagine effortlessly coordinating with your team, no matter where they are. Our pre-CTMS fosters collaboration like never before, allowing you to work harmoniously, share insights, and make decisions collectively.

Empower Your Strategy

Elevate your pre-trial planning with data-driven insights. Our pre-CTMS empowers you to analyze historical trial data, predict trends, and refine your strategy for optimal results.

Make Conducting Clinical Trials Easier With Syncora

From a small-scale clinical research organization to an industry giant, Syncora’s scalable capabilities are user-friendly for each organization.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Syncora?

Syncora is a Pre-Clinical Trial Management System (Pre-CTMS) software designed to streamline and enhance the feasibility of pre-clinical research activities in the field of life sciences and pharmaceuticals.

What are the main features of the Syncora?

The main features of Syncora include site start-up and management, study start-up, principal investigator profile management, task management, and data management along with multiple eccentric features.

How does Syncora help in clinical trials or clinical research?

While Syncora primarily focuses on managing pre-clinical research activities, it can indirectly impact clinical trials and clinical research by facilitating the smooth transition of data and insights from pre-clinical studies to the subsequent clinical phases.

How does Syncora ensure data security, privacy, and HIPAA compliance?

Syncora takes several measures to ensure data security, privacy, and compliance with regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Data Encryption, User Authentication, audit trails, etc.

How does Syncora assist in managing the documentation required for regulatory submissions?

Syncora can assist in managing the documentation required for regulatory submissions by providing a centralized platform to organize, track, and prepare the necessary documents.

Customize Syncora for Your Organization

From a small-scale clinical research organization to an industry giant, Syncora’s scalable capabilities can be custom-built for each organization.

Full Customization

DAX proffers completely customized plans for our clients. We provide tailor-made and easy-to-understand and executed strategies for our business customers.

Round-the-Clock Support

DAX offers strong, approachable support throughout the day. We are accessible 24/7 for our clients for editing or any sort of changes.

Powered by Cloud

Our system is powered by AWS cloud. This software is capable of managing all the pre and post-event appointments. It ensures regularized operations during the event.

Powerful Technology Stack

Our robust technology stack consists of advanced JavaScript software like Node, ReactJS, and Laravel contributes to building the user interface and web app development.

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