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Welcome to Calendax

Calendax, an efficient event management software, is set to partner with different healthcare companies to streamline large-scale events and incentivize a large influx of leads.

Plans & Pricing
Calendax - Event Management Software - Patient Management and Recruiting

Improved Scalability

Calendax’s scalable features accommodate patient recruiting for clinical trials per the organization’s requirements.


The systemized patient scheduling software is user-friendly for patients who input their data and medical professionals who access it.

Secure & Safe

The HIPAA compliance software ensures enhanced safety and security through proper encryption of patient data.

Multifaceted Event Management Software for Healthcare Companies

In large-scale screening events, there is a massive influx of leads coming in through multiple sources, making it difficult to gauge which strategy has turned in the highest number of leads.

In such cases, healthcare organizations need user-friendly and automated HIPAA compliance software for efficient lead management, improved lead conversion, and transparency.

Calendax – A Quintessential Event Management Solution

Calendax is a modern solution for all companies with multiple sources of leads, fulfilling their need for managing patient appointments for multi-bed, multi-transitional high-volume screening services. Calendax acts as a central source of hosting all patients’ data with accurate tracking of leads for better incentivization and accountability.

Why Item Vault - Cloud Inventory Management Software

Why Calendax?

Calendax is a comprehensive patient scheduling software that offers organizations complete control and ease of access to all of the patient’s data with transparency.

Item Vault - Cloud Inventory Management Software Designed for Clinical Research Organizations

Our Mission:

We aim to bring forth a completely automated system that offers hassle-free patient registration, appointment management, and patient check-in management.

Key Features And Functionalities in Item Vault - Cloud Inventory Management Software

Key Features and Functionalities:

  • Tracking subjects from different sources.
  • Chatbot feature in case of query.
  • Customizable calendar for each event.
  • Multi-user login to access data.
  • Automated email reminders to registrants.
  • Fluent appointment management by status updation.
  • Seamless check-ins and seat assigning during the event.

Calendax – Managing Screening Events From Beginning to End

Registration, appointment management, and check-in; are the three distinct phases of a screening event. Calendax pays meticulous attention to each for hassle-free lead management.

It ensures a straightforward registration process, featuring engaging UI/UX and tracking features that gauge the efficacy of each marketing strategy in generating leads. The patient management software features a registration form to help patients pick their preferred time slot. Furthermore, it assists organizations in screening ineligible patients.

Maximize Leads Through Effective Appointment Management

Calendax’s appointment management feature plays a crucial feature leading up to the event. It connects the backend team with the potential lead to confirm their appointment status.

The event management software features multiuser login, granting required access to users based on their roles. Once users confirm or reschedule an appointment, they can move the patient to their designated seats.

On the event day, the check-in feature assists in checking in patients and assigning them seats. Pre-registered patients are assigned to their designated seats. Once screening is over, the physician/nurse completes the process to show the vacant seat.

However, this is just a glimpse of what Calendax can do. To understand its role in your company, schedule a demo today.

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Calendax - Event Management Software Designed for Patient Management
Calendax - Event Management Software for Patient Management in CROs

An Event Management Software Powered by Innovative Features

Calendax is set to streamline large-scale events and efficiently manage leads for a better conversion rate.

Inventory Management Software with Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup

Store data complained with HIPAA policy at a centrally managed backup server.

Multiple Clinical Sites Management with Cloud Inventory Management Software


Our management systems are customized from the backend as per your needs.

Automated Alerts in Item Vault - Cloud Inventory Management Software

Automated Alerts

Automated notifications through email/chat/text to increase engagement.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Calendax?

Calendax is a modern solution for all companies with multiple sources of leads, fulfilling their need for managing patient appointments for multi-bed, multi-transitional high-volume screening services. Calendax is a central source of hosting all patients’ data with accurate tracking of leads for better incentivization and accountability.

What features does Calendax include?

  • Tracking subjects from different sources
  • Chatbot Feature in case of query
  • Customizable calendar for each event
  • Multi-user login to access data
  • Automated email reminders to registrants
  • Fluent appointment management by status updation
  • Seamless check-ins and seat assigning during the event

Who can benefit from using Calendax?

Healthcare companies, hospitals, and clinics can use Calendax as an appointment management system to manage patient data, with easy registration and check-in features.

How do you create Events on Calendax?

You need to contact the support, and our representative will facilitate you with the onboarding and event creation process.

Can Calendax help me increase attendance at my event?

Calendax can help you streamline the registration process, provides automated notifications and updates, and analyze data to make informed decisions that can increase attendance at your event.

Is Calendax secure?

Calendax is HIPPA-compliant and secure. It follows the HIPAA regulations and implements various security measures to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of Protected Health Information (PHI).

How can Calendax help me reduce no-shows?

Calendax sends automated reminders to customers via email and SMS before their scheduled appointment. These reminders include the date, time, location, and other pertinent information about the appointment. This can help reduce no-shows by ensuring that the customers are reminded of their appointments and have all the information they need to attend.

What is the cost of the system, and what kind of support and maintenance services are offered?

We will reveal Calendax’s package soon, but you can get an idea from our detailed blog of software development cost.

Customize Calendax as per Your Requirements

From small-scale events to large-scale lead management, Calendax’s scalable functionalities
can be tailored to an organization’s needs.

Full Customization

DAX proffers completely customized plans for our clients. We provide tailor-made and easy-to-understand and executed strategies for our business customers.

Round-the-Clock Support

DAX offers strong, approachable support throughout the day. We are accessible 24/7 for our clients for editing or any sort of changes.

Powered by Cloud

Our system is powered by AWS cloud. This software is capable of managing all the pre and post-event appointments. It ensures regularized operations during the event.

Powerful Technology Stack

Our robust technology stack consists of advanced JavaScript software like Node, ReactJS, and Laravel contributes to building the user interface and web app development.

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