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The Challenge

For 8 years Tassel had a modest, and unassertive, social media presence online. With the slew of talented designers lodged within the corners of the brand, producing one brilliant design after another, it was criminal that Tassel was not being more boisterous with their target customers.

Despite offering phenomenal designs that one would give their right arm for, Tassel had a hard time fully tapping into their target market. It was obvious that the complete extent of the brand’s potential was not being explored, and major tweaks had to be made. Though Tassel had the product that would guarantee customer satisfaction, they just did not have the ammunition to reach the right people.


Website Development, SEO and Digital Marketing



What We Did

Web Development, Applied SEO Strategies, Built Social Media Pages

Digital Auxilius’

Once Tassel partnered with us, we employed a miscellany of digital strategies to help the brand operate at its full potential. We built their website from scratch, renovated their social media pages, and ran ads on the latter mentioned platforms. Other than that, we also added SEO, applying 5 major keywords, to the mix to hoist Tassels’ website and social media on search engine results pages. We even took charge of all the photos and graphics that would adorn the brand’s socials and webpage.



The impact of these strategies was instantaneous. The social media pages were consistently generating leads in generous numbers, and the webpage only experienced minor bounce rates, with a lot of visitors choosing to make the final purchase decision. The brand made 13 million in sales within 6 months, and extended their approachability to UK, Canada, Australia, and US. Their social media reach on Facebook and Instagram went up to 140,000 and 23,000, respectively, and grows by the day.

Tassels had been struggling a lot before we partnered with Digital Auxilius. They completely turned the digital marketing game around for us. I am incredibly grateful for what Digital Auxilius has done for Tassels; they have given us hope for our further fashion developments.

TasselsMarketing Manager

Staying at pace with the industry

If you have a high-quality product, then all you need is a clever digital marketing strategy. Through frequent research we discover and build our tools that we use to develop high performing marketing resources online.

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