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Last Updated on January 19, 2024

Michigan on 18th January 2024 – Faaiz Hussain — CEO of Digital Auxilius, took center stage as an esteemed guest speaker on the latest episode of the “Save Our Sites” podcast 2024.

In an exclusive podcast episode, Digital Auxilius and Revival Research delved into the symbiotic relationship between technology and clinical research, unlocking a treasure trove of insights that promise to reshape perspectives and redefine industry paradigms.

Digital Auxilius – Proud Sponsors of the SOS Conference:

In an industry where the odds are stacked against site owners, SOS boldly declares that settling for the status quo is no longer acceptable – WE MUST SAVE OUR SITES!
As a sponsor, Digital Auxilius is excited to support an event that goes beyond the typical conference experience. This is no ordinary conference; it’s an extraordinary gathering tailored exclusively for clinical research sites.

“At Digital Auxilius, we are committed to driving positive change and innovation in the clinical research sector,”
said Muhammad Faaiz Hussain — CEO of Digital Auxilius.”

By sponsoring the SOS Conference, we align ourselves with a transformative event that prioritizes real, positive, progressive, and lasting change. This conference is not just about networking but equipping clinical research professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed.”

The SOS Conference is designed to be affordable, accessible, and focused on substantive issues, a departure from the traditional conference model filled with endless sales pitches and business development attempts. Digital Auxilius recognizes the importance of offering affordable networking opportunities to clinical research professionals, contributing to lasting changes at the clinical site level.

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About New Ventures

— Syncora
Digital Auxilius presents Syncora, an ingenious product providing a robust platform for the synchronized management of clinical trials. Designed to enhance the efficiency of the clinical trial workflow, Syncora facilitates real-time data exchange, seamless involvement of stakeholders, and the application of advanced analytics.

— Item Vault
Item Vault — an innovative software program revolutionizing the management of clinical research trials. This enterprise-level software empowers clinical research businesses to enhance the efficiency of organizing studies, orders, and temperature monitoring. Item Vault elevates the effectiveness and precision of clinical research studies by providing the capability to create customizable storage rooms and implement tiered access.

— Calendax
Calendax, the contemporary calendar management program by Digital Auxilius, is specifically crafted for the healthcare and clinical research sectors. Its robust scheduling, resource allocation, and integrated communication features ensure clinical trial schedules’ effectiveness and seamless coordination.

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