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Last Updated on January 19, 2024

Digital Auxilius is Ready, Set to Unveil its CRT Software Solutions Initiative to Renowned CRO Executives, Sponsors, and Sites at SCRS Site Solutions Summit!

From 7th till 9th October Digital Auxilius will be collaborating with SCRS Site Solutions Summit to network with CRO executives and sponsors, along with introducing Item Vault, its CRT software solution innovation.

Press Release

October 03, 2022

Digital Auxilius is excited to collaborate with SCRS Site Solutions Summit to reveal its most recent development in CRT software solutions, Item Vault. The Digital Auxilius team will be actively participating and networking in the event from October 7th till 9th in Diplomat Beach Resort, Hollywood, Florida at Booth 110.

Global Site Solutions Summit has become a quintessential hub where sites, sponsors, CRO executives, and solution providers from all over the world come together to discuss healthcare discoveries, advancements, and support.

Hence, there would be no place better than the Summit for Digital Auxilius to introduce its brainchild, Item Vault. This is a software program for clinical research organizations set out to make the tedious process of conducting clinical research trials a little less burdensome and a lot more methodical.

About Item Vault

The first of its kind, Item Vault is a software solution initiative specifically developed for clinical research trial management. It allows users to manage studies and orders, while allowing them to build their own storage room and monitor temperature.

Based on an enterprise model, Item Vault allows clients to have multiple sites, each of which can be managed by different staff members. It offers multiple tiers of access according to the user’s position, so as to maintain the integrity and accuracy of the study.

About Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS)

The Society for Clinical Research Sites was established in 2012, as a response to the burgeoning need for an organization that represents the needs of clinical research sites globally. At the moment, SCRS represents more than 9,500 research in 47 countries. SCRS actively takes part in sector-wide innovations, initiatives, and discussions to help improve the field of clinical research.

About Global Site Solutions Summit

Global Site Solutions Summit has been the hub for several sites, sponsors, regulators, and CRO executives to join together to share and discuss innovative practices and ideas in the healthcare sector. It allows attendees to create strategic bonds through workshops, focus groups, and ideation sessions.

About Digital Auxilius

Based in Michigan, Digital Auxilius is an award-winning software development agency that provides a full, encapsulated software conception, creation, and marketing experience. We have always worked on the ideology of, first, assembling a high-powered, experienced workforce before venturing into projects. This is because we aim high, work to revolutionize industries, and introduce software tools that amp up company operations and return on investments.

Apart from software development, Digital Auxilius engages in high-quality web development, rabid search engine optimization, and value-added digital marketing.

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