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Last Updated on July 11, 2024

The Global Site Solutions Summit 2024 by SCRS is a must-attend event for clinical research professionals. Held annually, it’s a central hub for collaboration and innovation. This year’s summit (September 27-29, Diplomat Beach Resort, Hollywood, FL) promises to be even better.

Digital Auxilius (DAX), a leading provider of digital solutions for clinical research, is a proud premier sponsor. We support the SCRS mission and recently won the “Best Exhibit Design Award” at the 2023 summit. This blog highlights the benefits of attending SCRS 2024, key agenda points, and how DAX can be your partner in achieving clinical research success.

When & Where?

Mark your calendars! The SCRS Global Site Solutions Summit 2024 is happening from September 27th to 29th, 2024, at the stunning Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood, FL. This prime location sets the stage for three days of learning, networking, and shaping the future of clinical research.

Why Attend SCRS 2024: Boost Your Clinical Research Career

The SCRS Global Site Solutions Summit offers a unique chance for clinical research professionals to gain deeper knowledge, build valuable connections, and advance their careers. Here’s what attending this premier event brings:

1. Professional Networking

Connect with Key Players:

The summit unites a diverse group of site leaders, sponsors, CROs, and regulators. Undeniably, this creates a dynamic environment for building strategic partnerships and collaborations.

Expand Your Network:

Dedicated networking sessions, focused roundtables, and receptions provide ample opportunities to connect with potential collaborators, growing your professional network.

2. Future-Focused Education

Stay Ahead of the Curve:

Gain insights into the latest advancements, trends, and challenges in clinical research through focus groups, workshops, and data-driven plenary sessions.

Sharpen Your Skills:

Moreover, you can participate in interactive sessions and workshops designed to equip you with practical strategies for success.

Earn CMEs/CEUs:

Furthermore, you can also select from the sessions to earn Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits or Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Therefore, these sessions will add value to your professional credentials.

3. Actionable Strategies

Learn from the Best:

Additionally, keynote addresses and presentations by industry experts will provide valuable insights and best practices for your clinical research endeavors.

Benchmark Your Site:

Moreover, the dedicated site benchmarking sessions allow participants to compare their performance with industry standards and identify areas for improvement.

Boost Your Site’s Appeal:

Furthermore, you can also learn about the latest website design trends and digital marketing strategies. Undeniably, DAX excels in these areas to enhance your patient recruitment and improve your site’s overall visibility.

4. Collaborative Problem-Solving

Share Best Practices:

On the other hand, you can also engage in interactive discussions and ideation sessions. Undoubtedly, these sessions will promote best practices and brainstorm solutions to common challenges faced by clinical research sites.

Gain New Perspectives:

Without a doubt, engaging with diverse perspectives can spark innovation and help you identify new approaches to overcome your challenges.

Connect with Solutions Providers:

So, explore the exhibit hall and connect with companies like ours that offer innovative solutions. Undeniably, these solutions are specifically designed to address the needs of clinical research sites.

Therefore, by attending the SCRS Global Site Solutions Summit 2024, you’ll gain a wealth of knowledge and build valuable connections. Moreover, you’ll also discover actionable strategies to enhance your performance and contribute to the advancement of clinical research.

Introducing the SCRS 2024 Agenda (September 27-29)

Packed with learning and connection opportunities, the SCRS 2024 agenda caters to a wide range of clinical research professionals. Below, you’ll find some key highlights:

Pre-Summit Workshop

First, you will gain insights into the often-overlooked financial aspects of running a research site at the “Hidden Costs of Conducting Clinical Research” workshop. (Registration required)

Site Partnership Symposia

Secondly, opening day sessions connect attendees directly with representatives from leading sponsors and CROs. Moreover, these sessions foster crucial partnerships for successful research.

Networking Breakfast & Receptions

Additionally, you’ll be starting your day with valuable connections at the Premier Networking Breakfast. Moreover, you can also unwind with colleagues at receptions throughout the summit.

Data-Driven Plenary Sessions

On the other hand, you will also gain industry insights and critical updates through data-rich plenary sessions on topics like “The Future of Clinical Trials” and “Regulatory Updates for 2024.”

Interactive Workshops & Focus Groups

Furthermore, you will also get to sharpen your skills and gain practical strategies in interactive sessions.

Moreover, these sessions will help you tackle issues like “Recruitment Struggles & Modern Solutions” or “Optimizing Your Site’s Website for Patient Engagement” (an area of DAX’s expertise).

Breakout Sessions

Furthermore, the conference offers a chance to dive deeper into specific areas of interest. Moreover, these breakout sessions will cover a range of topics, including budget and financial strategies.

Additionally, attendees can learn about patient-centric approaches to informed consent. Finally, the sessions will explore the latest advancements in technology for clinical research.

Therapeutic Roundtables

To complement the learning experience, engage in focused discussions with peers facing similar challenges within specific therapeutic areas.

Exhibit Hall Networking

Lastly, the agenda also provides dedicated time for networking in the exhibit hall. Therefore, you can connect with solution providers and explore their services that can address your site’s needs.

Nevertheless, this is just a glimpse! The full agenda offers a comprehensive program designed to empower your clinical research journey.

SCRS 2024 Awards: Honoring the Best in Clinical Research

Moving forward, the SCRS Global Site Solutions Summit concludes with a prestigious ceremony recognizing outstanding achievements. Undeniably, these awards celebrate dedication and innovation that drive progress in clinical research. Below, you’ll see some key awards:

SCRS Core Awards

SCRS Eagle Award:

This award honors sponsors and CROs demonstrating exceptional leadership, professionalism, and commitment to strong site partnerships – vital for successful research.

Christine K. Pierre Site Impact Award:

Moving forward, this award is named after a champion for research sites, Christine K. Pierre. Simply put, this award recognizes the industry leaders who advocate for the needs and voices of research sites.

Site Excellence in Patient Inclusion Award:

On the other hand, the Site Excellence Award acknowledges clinical research sites that prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Site Spark Award:

Highlighting innovation, this award recognizes sites that implement new and creative approaches to operationalize clinical trials.

Excellence in Patient Centricity Award:

This award honors clinical research sites demonstrating a strong commitment to patient-centered research. Moreover, it actively incorporates patient perspectives and prioritizes a positive experience.

Summit Standout Awards

Beyond core awards, SCRS recognizes exhibiting companies and attendees who embody industry collaboration:

Best Exhibit Design Award (DAX 2023):

Highlighting creativity and engagement, this award acknowledges the most interactive and innovative exhibit booth. We’re proud that Digital Auxilius (DAX) won in 2023!

Warmest Smiles Award:

This award recognizes the exhibiting team that brings the most positive and welcoming energy to the exhibit hall.

Best Aim:

While not a traditional award, Devana Solutions offers a fun activity at their booth with a chance to win the “Best Aim” title.

Summit Spirit Award:

Presented by SCRS staff, this award recognizes the SCRS Site Member who actively contributes to the celebratory spirit of the Summit.

Simply put, these awards celebrate achievements and inspire others to strive for excellence in clinical research. Therefore, you should attend SCRS 2024 to witness these awards presented and celebrate alongside the industry’s finest.

Digital Auxilius: Your Partner in Clinical Research Success (Booth #415)

As a premier sponsor of SCRS 2024, we look forward to connecting with you at booth #415! Understanding your challenges, DAX offers digital solutions designed to empower your success.

Strengthen Your Online Presence


At DAX, we create user-friendly, visually appealing websites that showcase your expertise and build trust with potential patients and sponsors.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization:

Moreover, we leverage advanced SEO strategies to ensure your clinical trials and services have maximum visibility in online searches.

Digital Marketing:

Additionally, our team crafts strategic digital marketing campaigns to amplify your brand message, attract qualified leads, and drive conversions.

Beyond Websites: Building a Strong Brand Identity

Undeniably, DAX offers a comprehensive branding service, creating a cohesive brand identity across all your marketing materials. Simply put, we ensure consistent brand recognition and a stronger professional image for your brand.

A Legacy of Excellence: Your Trusted Partner

Proudly holding the 2023 SCRS “Best Exhibit Design Award,” we don’t just design websites – we craft experiences that push clinical research forward. This award is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation.

Visit Us at Booth #415!

At DAX, we believe in building long-term partnerships based on collaboration and a shared passion for advancing clinical research.

So, let’s discuss how our tailored digital solutions can address your specific challenges and help your research site achieve greater success. Therefore, we invite you to visit our booth (#415) for a personalized consultation with our team of experts.

SCRS Sponsors: Powering Innovation in Clinical Research

Undeniably, the SCRS Global Site Solutions Summit wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of ours esteemed sponsors.
Moreover, these industry leaders play a vital role in promoting innovation and progress in clinical research:

Digital Auxilius - Premier Sponsor of SCRS 2024
Syncora - Premier Sponsor of SCRS 2024
Eli Lilly - Premier Sponsor of Global Site Solutions Summit 2024 by SCRS
Johnson & Johnson - Premier Sponsor of SCRS 2024
GSK - Premier Sponsor of SCRS 2024
IQVIA- Premier Sponsor of Global Site Solutions Summit 2024 by SCRS
Sanofi - Premier Sponsor of Global Site Solutions Summit 2024
Pfizer - Premier Sponsor of SCRS 2024

Ending Note…

In conclusion, the SCRS Summit offers an unparalleled chance to connect with colleagues, gain substantial knowledge, and discover innovative solutions.

So, don’t miss this opportunity to transform your research site. Digital Auxilius (DAX), a premier sponsor, is here to support your success. Our expertise in digital services builds a strong online presence attracting qualified leads.

Join the summit today and visit DAX at booth #415! Let’s discuss achieving your research goals and advancing clinical trials together.

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Your Roadmap to Success at SCRS 2024: Key Takeaways and Digital Auxilius’s Role The Global Site Solutions Summit 2024 by SCRS is a must-attend event for clinical research professionals. Held annually, it's a central hub for collaboration and innovation. This year's summit (September 27-29, Diplomat Beach Resort, Hollywood, FL) promises to be even better.
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