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The Challenge

MetroBoston clinical partners noticed some glaring issues when recruiting participants – building trust among its leads. Though MetroBoston meticulously designed and conducted clinical studies in the past, they still encountered inconveniences in driving participants for their current studies, which made the study process lag further.

MetroBoston had a website developed but lacked the resources and direction to promote its work, hence the lack of trust among its potential participants. MetroBoston was unable to put forth its point of view on its clinical studies and had inadequate supporting evidence to back the previous research. It was losing a chunk of participants to its competitors who rallied proper insight into their studies through their website. Despite the experience and simple user interface (UI), there was a shortfall of stark details that were important for MetroBoston to be viewed as a trusted clinical research organization.


Web development, search engine optimization, and social media marketing.


MBCP-MetroBoston Clinical Partners.

What We Did

Designed their website and employs search engine optimization and social media marketing.

Digital Auxilius’

When MetroBoston approached Digital Auxilius, we took it upon ourselves to dissect the shortfalls. We conducted extensive research on MetroBoston’s competitive market to know more about how to fill the gaps. We designed social media posts to promote their previous research works, which helped build authenticity and trust among the potential participants. We started online campaigns to advertise the ongoing clinical trials and devised a brand image to attract participants.

Digital Auxilius’


We started by designing a user-friendly website for MetroBoston. We showed off their clinical work comprehensively and provided details about how they’ve contributed to revolutionalizing the medical field. Furthermore, we were extra diligent with their social media posts – developing posts that not only grabbed viewer attention but also encouraged them to visit the website and sign up.

Digital Auxilius polished our brand image in the medical world with curated expertise. They worked tirelessly toward our objectives and devised a marketing strategy from the ground up. We have finally achieved recognition and trust in our clinical trials and are glad we chose Digital Auxilius for MetroBoston.

MetroBoston Clinical Partners

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