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The Challenge

HealthCareTalentLink aspired to be the industry’s first dedicated professional that links the healthcare communities and their talent and services. It focuses diligently on connecting all products, services, professionals, opportunities, and engagements within the healthcare realm in one place.

HealthCareTalentLink had to fill in the void for a centralized platform that could effectively connect all the various elements within the healthcare industry. However, it had fierce competition with several niche platforms that catered to the healthcare industry only in terms of job listings or professionals. To achieve its mission and establish its vision, HealthCareTalentLink needed a robust and scalable web application framework that could accommodate various functionalities. It also required a dominant search engine presence to provide relevant and accurate search results for healthcare professionals and organizations.


Software Development, Mobile Application Development, Digital Marketing, SEO, SMM, SEM, Email Marketing.



What We Did

Developed software, a mobile application, along with search engine and social media marketing.

Digital Auxilius’

The first step to help HealthCareTalentLink establish its existence in the market, Digital Auxilius had to conduct diligent research. We took it upon ourselves to understand HCTL’s target audience, their pain points, and what would motivate them to use the platform. Our next step was to analyze the competition. What features did other platforms offer that attracted traffic, and what were their limitations? We also evaluated ways to improve user experience, search engine ranking, and a content strategy that would resonate with the target audience.

Finally, Digital Auxilius drafted a comprehensive plan outlining our services to help HealthCareTalentLink (HCTL) achieve its goals and highlight metrics that will help measure success. We tailored to HealthCareTalentLink’s specific needs and goals and constantly reviewed and updated it based on performance data.

Digital Auxilius’


Once our research was complete, Digital Auxilius set out to play a pivotal role in developing HealthCareTalentLink’s comprehensive online presence. We created a robust web application framework as the platform’s backbone, enabling seamless user interaction and data management.

We also designed and developed the platform’s website and mobile application, ensuring a smooth user experience across all devices.

Digital Auxilius also shaped HealthCareTalentLink’s brand identity. We developed the platform’s logo, which captures the essence of HCTL’s mission of linking healthcare communities and their talent and services. We also established placement rules for the logo, ensuring consistent and effective branding across all platforms.

Our digital marketing and SEO services helped increase HealthCareTalentLink’s visibility and attract more traffic. Our efforts will help HealthCareTalentLink establish itself as a leading platform to connect professionals, organizations, and services in one place, helping to drive innovation and collaboration in the healthcare industry.

I am thrilled with the partnership we have had with Digital Auxilius. They have been instrumental in creating a web application framework for our platform, as well as our website and mobile application. We are extremely grateful for their dedication and support, which has enabled us to achieve our mission of connecting healthcare professionals, organizations, and services in one place.


Staying at pace with the industry

Digital Auxilius will continue to collaborate with HealthCareTalentLink to achieve new milestones together.

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