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Web Design Portfolio
of Customized Web Solutions

Are you looking for a digital agency with the best web design portfolio?
We have been lucky enough to have incredibly talented companies choose us to
devise and cement their digital presence within the industry. Through a lot of trial and error, along with quality assurance, we have built projects that yield profitable results. Have a look at our web design portfolio for a clearer idea.

HCTL – HealthCareTalentLink

We take pride in connecting exceptional healthcare professionals with their dream opportunities. Our platform serves as a bridge between talented individuals and healthcare institutions, fostering meaningful connections that drive the industry forward. Our commitment to quality, transparency, and personalized matchmaking is evident in each profile.

Whether you’re a nurse, doctor, administrator, or any other healthcare expert, our portfolio demonstrates how we’ve transformed careers and elevated patient care. In our portfolio, you’ll find a showcase of successful placements, stories of professionals who’ve advanced their careers through us, and testimonials from satisfied clients. Explore the levels of growth, dedication, and excellence, and discover how HealthCareTalentLink is revolutionizing healthcare recruitment. Join us in shaping the future of healthcare.

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Delve into our collection of insights showcasing how our cutting-edge technology is revolutionizing sleep analysis. Our platform empowers users to gain deep and comprehensive insights into their sleep patterns from the comfort of their homes.

In this portfolio, you’ll discover case studies highlighting real-life transformations as users overcome sleep challenges with the help of SleepImage. Our users’ success stories stand as a testament to the accuracy and effectiveness of our solutions. Explore these stories of rejuvenation and improved sleep, and witness how SleepImage is reshaping the way we understand and address sleep health. Join us on the journey to a restful night’s sleep and healthier lives.

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MetroBoston Clinical Partners

Welcome to the MetroBoston Clinical Partners portfolio! Enter a world where compassionate patient care meets the highest standards in healthcare. Our array of projects serve as a demonstration of our dedication to improving patient experiences and promoting medical care throughout the Boston metropolitan area. From state-of-the-art medical facilities to cutting-edge treatments, each collaboration embodies our commitment to advancing healthcare excellence.

Discover a range of case studies that highlight the innovative treatments, personalized care plans, and positive outcomes achieved by our dedicated team of medical professionals. Explore these stories of resilience, recovery, and medical breakthroughs, and witness how MetroBoston Clinical Partners is shaping the future of healthcare. Join us as we continue to raise the standard of patient-centered care and collaborate towards healthier tomorrows.

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North Oakland Internists, PC

It can be difficult to standout in a sea of medical centers that have a strong foothold online. Regardless of how high the quality of your services is, you will still have to invest heavily in building a compelling presence online. When NOIP approached us with their project we immediately went to work building them an invincible website that would hold ample information about the healthcare center.

We made use of competent SEO strategies and did a lot of trial and testing with images that would be emblematic of the brand. Even once the website had been published, we ran continuous analysis to measure its performance, and made tweaks that would further boost its numbers.

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Web Design Portfolio - Internist Doctor

Revive Research Institute

Every groundbreaking drug and therapy that exists today to facilitate human health once went through rigorous clinical trials. Since these studies leverage the power of people, research centers need to come across as credible name to build trust in the audience. We revamped Revive’s brand message to reach out to the prospective audience.

We developed a diligent strategy for Revive with a team that was an expert in its league. With experienced medical professionals creating the web content, we aspired to provide Revive the best of everything. We also improved their social media presence and ran ads to connect to a better demographic.

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Revive Research Website Design By DAX

Prime Revival Research Institute

Medical science is more determined than ever to discover new and innovative diagnostic tools, therapies, and treatments that revolutionized the art of healing. Prime Revival Research Institute is amongst such prominent names that are dedicated to finding revised treatments through relentless research. Since the institute harnessed the power of people to participate, it needed a meticulous marketing strategy.

We devised a brand narrative and identity that would compel the visitor to read what Prime Revival wanted to say. From an unambiguous website, relevant graphics, and social media presence – each service was thoroughly embedded with Prime Revival’s noble aim.

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Prime Revival -DAX Web Design Portfolio

Tassels – Clothing Store

Tassel had been sequestered in the lone corners of the internet before they partnered up with DAX. They had minimal social media presence through Facebook and Instagram, but it was obvious by the look of their futuristic designs that there was potential for more.

We built them a clean-cut website that didn’t stray away from Tassel’s essence. We then worked on rejuvenating their social media presence through fresh graphics, cherry-picking the best photos to include, and adding SEO strategies to the mix. They reported a sales boost of 13 million in 6 months, and social media reach of 140,000 and 23,000 on Facebook and Instagram respectively.

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Web Design Portfolio - Ecommerce Website

Xartaish – Clothing Store

Xartaish existed in the humungous fashion industry all by itself before they associated themselves with DAX. Their meager social media presence on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram did not do justice to their vision.

We began with creating a presentable website that adequately mirrored the uniqueness of their brand identity. We then revamped their social media presence by strategizing our graphic design and social media management services. Be it the use of engaging graphics, picking relevant photos, or employing SEO strategies – we maneuvered Xartaish’s to the top.

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Xartaish Website Design By DAX

Revival Clinical Research Institute

Clinical research trials are an extensive process and getting people to trust such centers to volunteer for a cure is even trickier. A lot of thought goes into designing the message in a way that promotes trusting the brand with something as precious as your health. We have burnt a lot of midnight fuel in getting this in-house project to a status that incites enough faith in the brand that visitors become avid volunteers.

We developed a website that included content written by medical professionals who have devoted a hefty chunk of their life in the field. We also revved up its social media presence and ran ads to further convince visitors of our dedication to science.

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Web Design Portfolio - Clinical Trial Recruitment

Premier Home Health

As noble as the concept of at home medical services is, you need to build a web presence apt enough to reach a maximum of your target customers. Despite having high quality services, and all-encompassing medical care packages PHH was struggling massively in getting leads. We at Digital Auxilius conducted thorough research in terms of SEO procedures, built them a website with easy to navigate user interface, and conducted a lot of quality assurance analysis to make sure everything was up to par.
The website has slowly started to build momentum in terms of lead, with more and more people choosing PHH as their post-surgery care partner.
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Web Design Portfolio - Home Health Agency

WearX – Footwear Store

With a goal to redefine brand indulgence in Pakistan – Wear X worked with Digital Auxilius to outline its identity. Their extensive collection of high-end footwear brands needed to find its rightful buyer and that’s what fueled our combined approach. Digital Auxilius wanted to establish WearX as the ultimate source of branded high-end footwear. To do that we had to assure the buyers of product quality and collection diversity.
We initiated their mission by creating a distinct brand logo. Our web developers curated a sound web presence by designing a responsive website. Lastly, our social media marketing services helped WearX reach out to its target demographics and convert them into leads. Today the brand is catering to fashion enthusiasts across the country to meet their trend needs.
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Web Design Portfolio - WearX
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