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Last Updated on April 3, 2023

Last year, in November 2022, a brand-new AI-powered phenomenon swept the world off its feet. Although numerous chatbots offer round-the-clock assistance, this one is new and unique. What is ChatGPT? The successor to the GPT-n series, ChatGPT-3, was recently launched, and it took only five days for it to reach 1+ Million users. Natural language processing (NLP) can produce textual conversations similar to humans.

With technological advancements, customers today expect businesses to provide quick solutions to their problems. The chatbots previously used in various sectors failed to meet the expected retention rates. Moreover, this causes gaps in conversation and can occasionally get quite irritating. For businesses to lower their users’ dissatisfaction, ChatGPT was a requirement.

So, What is ChatGPT? How ChatGPT works? How to use ChatGPT efficiently? Let’s discuss this in the following blog.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an innovative strategy that links humans and bots so seamlessly that it almost feels natural. Contrary to conventional methods, this technology consists of AI algorithms to provide users with answers similar to messaging applications.

It maps out answers based on personal feelings. ChatGPT auto-detects words and tones of the inputs and produces best-matched outputs.

How ChatGPT Works?

For the longest time the average man would ask himself – what is ChatGPT? But now that we know what it is, we have another hill to conquer – How does ChatGPT work?

As mentioned earlier, ChatGPT uses AI-trained models to give its customers an immersive experience through text forms. The model produces textual outputs similar to conversing with a human and reinforces learning from feedback.

However, it is but a model powered by AI, which modifies its behavior based on inputs and feedback. In a statement, OpenAI claimed that this model relies on Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF). Nevertheless, the model can refuse inappropriate inputs, provide the best solutions, and respond to all user inquiries.

How to Use ChatGPT?

Ever since its release, ChatGPT’s focus was to grab attention. Hence, it has been free for everyone to use. A simple step is to sign-up for ChatGPT and agree to the terms and conditions and the disclaimers. However, because of the user flow on ChatGPT, OpenAI is likely to introduce paid plans.

However, there are limitations to the technology. Hence, one shouldn’t rely on a bot entirely. ChatGPT tends to produce inappropriate responses at times. Learn more about what is ChatGPT and its limitations by reading about it.

A Step By Step Guide on How to Use ChatGPT


Log on to OpenAI’s official website and click “Try ChatGPT” to begin your experience.

Step:1 - Log on to OpenAI’s official website and click “Try ChatGPT”


You will see a new window on your screen where you’ll have to “Log-In or Sign-Up” next.

Step:2 - You’ll have to “Log-In or Sign-Up” next for ChatGPT


On the next screen, you will see a task box. These are the tasks that you can perform with ChatGPT. Below the task box, there’s a chat box where you can search your queries.

Step:3 - On the next screen, you will see a task box on ChatGPT


Here we are giving an example of how ChatGPT can write JavaScript Codes.

Step:4 - Example of how GPT can write JavaScript Codes

The above example demonstrates how interactive ChatGPT can be and how it can assist you with all viable ideas. For example, you can write lyrics or read short stories on ChatGPT. You can even translate languages. Hence, the possibilities are endless!

Therefore, when you ponder what is ChatGPT? Just know that there is no one single way to describe it.

Below is an example of how ChatGPT can write stories for you to read.

Example of how Chat GPT can write stories for you to read

What are the Benefits of Using ChatGPT?

In a span of 5 days, ChatGPT hit a million user milestone. The number is higher compared to other widely used apps today. For instance, it took Instagram about 90 days to achieve that milestone. The real magic of this technology is in how ChatGPT works. It has compelled people to experiment with several things, and the Internet inundates with those examples. Let’s examine a few of them and consider what else we can use ChatGpt for:

  • Coding
    While people are enjoying the benefits of coding through ChatGPT, the revolution of programming through ChatGPT does not seem like an impossible stance anymore.
  • Poetry
    People have used ChatGPT for making poetry. However, the program isn’t efficient enough to replace real poets.
  • Songs
    ChatGPT can write songs in a matter of minutes, saving humans whole loads of trouble.
  • Blogging
    ChatGPT is efficiently and effectively helpful for SEO writing or creative writing. You can use it to produce new and unique ideas for your blogs. It helps with keyword writing as well.
  • Automating Complex Tasks For Better Customer Experience
    Newer technology helps industries streamline their workflow. Managing and automating tasks that require time can simply be done using such technologies. For example, ChatGPT can be used as a customer service bot to enhance customer experience and save time.

The Future of ChatGPT

ChatGPT can change how businesses operate. Moreover, ChatGPT may alter how time and resources allocate because of its capacity to automate repetitive activities, provide real-time data analysis, support multiple languages, and enhance data accuracy.

Furthermore, how swiftly and successfully businesses adopt technology and integrate it into their operations will determine ChatGPT’s future impact. However, ChatGPT and other AI programs will impact big industries and how they run in the future.

Chat GPT-4

Now that we have a full understanding of what is ChatGPT from a viewer’s and readers perspective, what can expect in its future?

GPT-4, the most recent model added to OpenAI’s deep learning endeavors, is a significant advancement. GPT-4, the first multimodal GPT model, can generate text and image outputs.
GPT refers to Generative Pre-trained Transformer. Ever since the first GPT-1 model appeared in 2018, the GPT-series models have become more sophisticated.

For instance, GPT-3, which preceded GPT-4, represented an innovation in the field with its ability to create outputs similar to humans. However, the newly introduced GPT-4 is more intricate and multimodal than its predecessors.

What is ChatGPT? Our Final Comments on this Conundrum

In conclusion, advancements in technology and artificial intelligence are helping humans perform tedious tasks quickly and effectively. ChatGPT has taken the world by storm with its easy-to-use features. From songs to poetry, cooking recipes to programming codes, ask ChatGPT and get the answers in seconds.

In fact, the future of industry giants now depends upon such technologies as ChatGPT to maintain efficient customer service. These companies need these technologies to align their projects and perform them in minutes. While a lot of companies might feat ChatGPT, we say that it is best to ally with your “enemy” than to go against it.

However, there are still some limitations to ChatGPT, but with the upcoming innovations, it is predicted to surpass those limitations as well.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Who Built ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence bot built by OpenAI.

Who Owns Open AI?

Sam Altman, Reid Hoffman, Jessica Livingston, Elon Musk, Ilya Sutskever, Peter Thiel, and others built OpenAI in San Francisco in 2015. Pledging a combined $1 billion in donations, however, Elon Musk left the board in 2018 but continues to donate.

When did ChatGPT Release?

OpenAI released ChatGPT on 30th November 2022 as a model ChatGPT 3.5. OpenAI released the newer version named GPT-4 on 14th March 2023. GPT-4 is available to use for ChatGPT plus subscribers.

Can we use ChatGPT for free?

Yes, we can use ChatGPT for free by signing up and agreeing to the terms and conditions.

Will ChatGPT replace Google?

No, Google is a search engine and technology company that provides a broad range of services. Whereas, ChatGPT is a language model created by OpenAI. ChatGPT can provide knowledge and answers, but it cannot replace Google.

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