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Last Updated on July 4, 2023


Software Development Outsourcing is not a new model in the IT world and here for decades. The demand for outsourcing software is steadily increasing and is projected to grow by $731 billion by 2023. Moreover, according to Statista, The most commonly outsourced niche (around 64%) marks for software development.

Software outsourcing refers to the hiring of an external agency to develop software. In this way, you can optimize the cost and foster the talents scattered across the globe. Your company might have encored a talented pool of professionals. However, if you need extra vigilance to develop software or try out new grounds, software outsourcing is the best landing point.

In this comprehensive guide, you will explore the ins and outs of software development outsourcing. Moreover, it will provide insights about outsourcing types, advantages, challenges, and how to navigate the process effectively.

What is meant by software development outsourcing?

If you want software development; but your company lacks the required talent, outsourcing is the perfect solution.

Outsourcing is when a company hires a third-party agency to perform a particular task. It reduces costs, increases access to global talent, and improves scalability. Software development is at the top in outsourcing niches. However, successful outsourcing requires careful planning and execution.

Furthermore, sometimes keeping an in-house team for developing software is not feasible for some companies, especially startups. Therefore, Software Development Outsourcing their work provides a reliable and cost-friendly option and paves the way to efficiency.

What are different models for outsourcing software development?

After understanding what outsourcing is, you may wonder how I can outsource my work. Are there any models from which I can opt while switching to outsourcing?

Here’s a concise overview of the outsourcing models for you to choose from:

Onshore software development outsourcing

You are utilizing onshore software outsourcing if the third-party vendors are in the same country. This model reduces the; language barrier, thus increasing communication easier. It, in turn, speeds up the process of outsourcing and enables to gain faster results. However, the customer will have to invest in the development cost.

Offshore software development outsourcing

Offshore outsourcing refers to the development team in other countries. This option reduces labor costs and increases communication using communication channels like Emails, Zoom, etc. Additionally, it ensures a smooth flow of information and effective management of software projects remotely.

Nearshore software development outsourcing

Nearshore Software Outsourcing is when you outsource your work to those neighboring regions having a travel distance of 2-3 hours. Additionally, the major prospect behind nearshore outsourcing is cost reduction and incorporating high-profile programming skills. The prime advantage is the cost reduction as the labor cost is significantly low in the neighboring countries. Furthermore, it elevates cultural integrity and conformity with similar laws.

Why should your firm opt for software outsourcing?

Now the fundamental question arises; why is there a need for outsourcing software development? What advantages can I gain from outsourcing my software development to third parties? Can only startup companies leverage the benefits of outsourcing, or it’s feasible for established businesses as well?

Well, here’s a comprehensive guide to the benefits you can avail yourself from outsourcing software development:

Accessing in-depth tech knowledge and experience

Software development outsourcing is the best way to access technical expertise if your team lacks them. Just keep a basic product idea in mind and receive an all-inclusive package of analytical thinking, design, marketing, consulting, and development services. This expertise paves the way for quick and reliable software development in the minimum possible time.

Once you sign the contract, the project team will perform cost estimation, project planning, wireframing, software development, and UI/UX design tailored to your needs.

Accessing exceptional tech talents worldwide

You can gain access to a pool of talented developers who can outshine your project immensely. But how will you know which agency to choose? Which agency will provide optimal solutions to cater to your software needs?

The best way is to do a little bit of research about the company. Moreover, learn about its portfolio and customer reviews, and ask about the successful projects the company has accomplished. Once you get satisfied reading these, just relax! You can assign the software development project to them, knowing your project is in worthy hands.

Accessing developers from across geographical proximity enables you to get linked to exceptional talent dispersed globally. You will encounter professionals with the ability to think differently.

Cost-effectiveness and exceptional quality

Through software development outsourcing, you can find the perfect balance between price and quality. You can accurately adjust your development budget to the labor market trends where you plan to outsource. For instance, Eastern European countries, like Belarus or Ukraine, are leveraging on the outsourcing ranking. These countries have demonstrated themselves as exceptional software developers providing quality services at reasonable prices.

Additionally, the best thing is if you do not find it in your team or your region, you can optimize the cost in the best-driven results.

However, calculating and optimizing the cost of software development can be challenging. Don’t worry! Our blog will summarize the cost analysis 2023 for software development for you.

Abolishing the need for micromanagement

When you deal with an outsourcing company, they assign your task to a project coordinator or manager. Therefore, the need for micromanagement abolishes. The project manager bridges the gap between the developers and the software owner. Once the deal is enclosed, the project manager will keep things on track. He will comply with the agreed policies and budget.

Adopting agile methodology best practices

The best thing is that outsourcing companies follow an Agile methodology. Adopting an agile policy enables you to minimize resource wastage that results from poor communication, incorrect management, etc. This methodology follows a lean approach.

What are the challenges of software outsourcing?

Software development outsourcing comes with exceptional benefits. However, everything aligns with the pros and cons alike. Similar is the case with the outsourcing method. Outsourcing software development comes with potential risks:

  • Language and Cultural Differences: Language and cultural barriers offer massive resistance to effective communication and the flow of information. Moreover, it hinders collaborations between the partner and the owner.
  • Communication and Coordination: Remote teams may face issues in establishing clear communication channels and coordinating project activities across different time zones.
  • Intellectual Property Protection: Ensuring the protection of intellectual property and sensitive data can be challenging when working with external partners.

Effective way of outsourcing software development

Software development outsourcing can be risky and fail sometimes. Although, certain factors need deep-rooted considerations to avoid that from happening:

  • Establish clear and firm goals for outsourcing.
  • Involve in project management yourself and indulge in collaboration with the remote team.
  • Expect a realistic approach.
  • Schedule milestones and track your progress frequently to provide feedback.

These factors can minimize the failing percentage of an outsourcing project. However, no outsourcing model can give a hundred percent result and efficiency.

Case studies for software development outsourcing and lending successful

Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, many companies and employees switched to remote work. In the USA, around 16 million people switched to online earning. Therefore, the proportion of online outsourcing increased multi-folds. An estimate says that 75% of companies outsourced IT services, while 87% plan to shift.

Outsourcing is penetrating more in the IT industry due to the tech talent shortage. Additionally, it aids a lot in cutting software costs for development, finding the right specialists, business intelligence development, etc.

You won’t believe that some popular applications in your everyday use carve their shapes via outsourcing. These include:


Whatsapp is one of the widely used applications globally. It has around 1.6 billion users and outranks Facebook Messenger. Initially, Whatsapp got rejected by Facebook. To optimize the costs, they hired a development team from Eastern Europe, and the success of Whatsapp is in front of you.


Slack is one of the widely used team collaboration tools in corporate cultures. The journey; Slack traversed to improvise the top position apprehends to the outsourcing team it hired. Slack hired a professional team to upgrade the user experience or UX. It proved a positive step for Slack in providing unique features to its customers by inducing unique styles, logos, designs, etc., to enhance the user experience.


To conclude, Software Development Outsourcing is one of the cost-effective and reliable methodologies for blooming your business. It proved beneficial for many high-profile applications like Whatsapp and Slack. One would think; that these software companies have grouped high-tech professionals in their teams, although; their success apprehends the outsourcing teams.

Do you want an outsourcing service but don’t know of a reliable option? Don’t worry! Digital Auxlius offers a reliable outsourcing service to polish your business. We offer cost-effective and flexible partnerships, developing software that generates traffic and flourishes your business deals. Moreover, it allows companies to shift their focus to the profit-generation sector rather than getting stressed about software development. Use a chance, and you might get lucky like top-rated applications like Whatsapp and Alibaba did through software outsourcing.

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