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Last Updated on April 13, 2023

On March 14th, 2023, OpenAI released a newer and better version of ChatGPT, GPT-4.

What is GPT-4?

As the most recent addition to OpenAI’s deep learning efforts, GPT-4 is an important development. GPT-4, the first GPT multi-model, takes image/text inputs and produces text outputs.

GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer. Since the debut of the first GPT-1 model in 2018, the GPT-series models have become even more sophisticated.

For instance, GPT-4’s predecessor, GPT-3, was a breakthrough in the industry. It’s capacity to produce text that was frequently impossible to tell apart from human-generated content. Additionally, viewers may be most familiar with GPT-3.5, the mind behind ChatGPT.

What is a Large Multimodal?

Large multimodal can produce versatile modalities, including audio, texts, images, and sometimes even videos. Moreover, these models equip datasets containing information on texts and images. In fact, it allows the modal to learn the relationships between different modules.

They can caption images, answer visual questions, and provide personalized recommendations based on datasets.

What are Language Models?

Large language models only accept text inputs and produce text outputs.

How To Use GPT-4?

Today, using GPT-4 as a part of Bing Chat is the simplest method to get started. Microsoft acknowledged utilizing the free-to-use GPT-4 in Bing Chat. However, some GPT-4 capabilities, like visual input, is absent from Bing Chat. Regardless, you’ll still have access to the advanced intelligence that comes with the enlarged LLM (large language model). However, clarifying that although Bing Chat is free, there is a 15-chat session limit and a daily session limit of 150 chats.

GPT-4 is currently available to the paying subscribers of ChatGPT plus. At present, you can only use it by subscribing to ChatGPT plus. However, if it’s not accessible, you need not worry! We are here to fill you in on the details.

GPT-4 vs. Chat GPT-3: What Can GPT-4 Do better than ChatGPT?

GPT-4 has several novel and impressive features. These developments are merely a preview of what GPT-4 is capable of, and OpenAI will unravel additional analyses and evaluations soon. Here are some highlights.

  • More in-depth Answers
    We put GPT-4 through various tasks, such as telling jokes, answering brain teasers, and writing poems. Soon, we discovered that GPT-4 presents more thorough responses to problems and provides users with more information about the boundaries of its generative powers than ChatGPT. It’s a powerful display of technological prowess, similar to other OpenAI goods. But, and this is a big BUT, it still can’t respond to a variety of questions that people might comprehend.
  • Brain Teaser Test
    When asked a difficult question about proper dinner utensils: “If the children use salad forks and the adults use dinner forks, and two children and two adults are eating hot dogs and potato chips for dinner, how many of each kind of fork do we need?” GPT-4 passed with flying colors. Forks are usually not required for this meal. The response was correct in this scenario since the served food is hot dogs and potato chips.”ChatGPT, on the other hand, gave a simple, mathematically calculated answer.
  • Keeping Consistent Chats
    GPT-4 has been consistent with the replies that it gives to queries. A demo by OpenAI showed that the bot answers questions in alliteration. However, this was not possible in the ChatGPT 3.5 version. The text is much more coherent and has different writing tones.
  • Designing Poetry
    In a demo of GPT-4, we tried poetry writing. However, GPT-4 was good at it but didn’t come out as successful as we expected. It did, however, write a few verses that wouldn’t make poets worry in these times.

Difference Between GPT-4 vs. Chat GPT-3

Although it might be difficult to tell the difference between GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 at first look, the contrast between them is apparent when dealing with challenging tasks.

Chat GPT-3.5
Understands texts, images, audio, and videos.
Understands texts only.
32,000 token processing.
4096 tokens processed.
Visual Inputs
Users can give pictorial inputs resulting in visual outputs.
Does not receive visual inputs.
Enhanced steerability. Users can set the tone, design, and style of the text.
Does not have steerability.

GPT-4 outperforms its forerunners for dependability, inventiveness, and the capacity to comprehend complex instructions.

Standards of GPT-4 Performance

  • Testing GPT-4 On Language-Based Tests
    OpenAI evaluated GPT-4 on language-based tests made for humans, such as the SAT Math, LSAT, and Uniform Bar Exam. GPT-4 significantly outperformed GPT-3 in ability, scoring higher percentiles on all examined exams.These tests gauge comprehension even though they are not the only indicator of intellect. Complex business applications can benefit from GPT-4’s improved context awareness and more thoughtful responses.
  • GPT-4 is multimodal
    GPT-4 can support more business apps and workflows than earlier models because it can process images. Plus, with the upgrades rolling in, it wouldn’t be a shock if OpenAI added voice recognition in the upcoming GPT versions.
  • Multilingual Abilities In GPT-4
    Using Azure Translate to translate 14,000 multiple-choice questions into various languages, OpenAI analyzed GPT-4’s multilingual skills. The analysis revealed that GPT-4 outperforms its predecessors, GPT-3.5, in English.GPT-4 outperforms other large language models in low-resource languages like Latvian, Swahili, and Welsh.
  • Corporates are not the only place of impact for GPT-4
    Here are GPT-4 features still under work that will revolutionize the future.
  • Duolingo
    GPT-4 will soon equip people looking to learn new languages.
  • Be My Eyes
    The visual input capability of GPT-4 in enabling people with low vision or who need visionary support.
  • Stripe
    Stripe can help people combat fraud and enhance user experience.
  • Morgan Stanley
    GPT-4 assists in organizing the information base of the financial giant.
  • Khan Academy
    GPT-4 is helping students get instant help with one on one tutors.

When Will GPT-5 Be Released?

GPT-5 should release at the end of 2024 or the start of 2025. However, GPT-4, now available in the market, has 20 times the compute of GPT-3. GPT-4 has surpassed the abilities of its predecessors. However, the calculation is currently focusing on programming and coding, and OpenAI is still progressing on all details of GPT. The expectation is that GPT-5 will endure this turing test.

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

GPT-4 vs. Chat GPT-3 - Which one is more accurate?

GPT-4 can generate more factually accurate statements than GPT-3 and GPT-3.5, ensuring reliability.

How to access Chat GPT-4?

Chat GPT-4 is currently available to premium users. To access GPT-4, you’ll need to subscribe to ChatGPT+ first. Here’s how you can subscribe:

  • Log on to ChatGPT website –
  • Select the ‘Upgrade to Plus’ button. Once upgraded, you’ll be able to access GPT-4.

When was GPT-4 launched?

GPT-4 was made available by OpenAI on March 14, 2023, nearly four months after the company launched ChatGPT at the end of November 2022.

How much does it cost to use Chat GPT-4?

GPT-4 is available on premium. It is accessible after upgrading to $20/month.

Is there a GPT-4 API available?

Yes, a GPT-4 version is available for developers via this link GPT-4 API waitlist.

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