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Last Updated on January 11, 2024

Using SEO Chrome extensions can significantly enhance the effectiveness of SEO services. Furthermore, Chrome extensions for SEO greatly simplify the process of ranking your content. In addition, these extensions cover everything: finding keywords, checking links, and getting expert advice.

If you want to improve your site, combine these extensions. Moreover, it’s okay if you have a low budget. You can easily download numerous Chrome extensions and SEO tools without spending money.

The only challenge is figuring out which Seo Chrome extensions are the best.

As a digital agency, we have found the best SEO Chrome extensions for our web developer, SEO team, content writers, and digital marketing team to optimize the websites and social channels.

What are the Chrome Extension for SEO?

A Chrome extensions for SEO are software programs which can install to improve the experience of web browsing. After installing it from the Chrome Web Store, your extension will generally appear as a small icon next to your browser’s address bar. After that, you can click on it to complete the function that the extension was made to do.

SEO Chrome extensions can help you find keywords, improve your content more effectively, build links, and get all the information you need to ascend in the Google rankings. On the other hand, SEO (search engine optimization) can be valuable for driving organic traffic to your website or YouTube channel.

What are the Best SEO Chrome Extensions?

Some of the best SEO Chrome extensions, which help optimize the content, are listed here. However, a few assist us in everyday tasks, too. On the other hand, installing chrome extensions for SEO takes 2-3 minutes, but it can make you ten times more productive. To improve your browsing experience, read about the best SEO Chrome extensions below.

1 - Growth Bar

Growth Bar - SEO Chrome Extension

GrowthBar is an SEO tool that combines the essential data points that today’s marketers require for daily decision-making. GrowthBar is an automated content generation tool as well. With all these features, GrowthBar has become the top choice for those in the content creation and blogging community.

Here are some of the features that GrowthBar offers:

  • Outline for an AI blog, including headers, proper word count, incorporating keywords, and image links by using GPT technology.
  • With this information, you can create content briefs quickly or write articles effortlessly with just a few clicks.
  • Exploring and monitoring relevant topics
  • Scores for keyword difficulty
  • Suggestions for keywords
  • Exploring the competition
  • Backlink analysis
  • Export CSV data

GrowthBar offers all the essential features of more extensive and pricier SEO tools, including backlinking, Google Ads, and organic keyword capabilities. However, it also provides additional specialty features that significantly simplify bloggers’ lives. GrowthBar is an essential tool for small SEO agencies because AI transforms the SEO landscape for small businesses.

Cost: Starting at $29 a month, but you can try it for free for five days.
Ideal for: Google Ads research, backlinks, data reporting, content, SEO

2 - SEO Quake

SEO Quake - SEO Chrome Extension

SEOquake is a dynamic SEO tool for your browser, providing in-depth analysis of every website you visit or encounter in the search engine results pages (SERPs). In addition, you will get all the insights you need without passing over to a different site. Moreover, it explains why each page on your SERP ranks for its keywords, offering valuable intel on your competitors’ strategies. Furthermore, it reveals domain and page-level metrics, conducts SEO audits, retrieves keyword difficulty and search volumes, and even unveils your competitors’ paid ads.

Cost: It’s free
Ideal for: SEO consultants, Google Adwords users, and other marketing professionals keen on search.

3 - BuzzStream

Buzz Stream - SEO Chrome Extension

BuzzStream is an incredible SEO Chrome extension for conducting outreach and building connections. This tool efficiently explores a website’s content, swiftly extracting the contact details of people involved in the page’s creation.

In addition, the following extension allows you to obtain the email addresses of the editor, reporter(s), content chief, or any other person you wish to contact on the website.

Cost: Our plans range from $24 per month to $999 per month. It comes down to what your company requires.
Ideal For: this plugin is perfect for individuals involved in SEO link building, SEO professionals, and marketers looking to engage in PR outreach.

4 - textOptimizer

Text Optimizer - SEO Chrome Extension

TextOptimizer is a helpful tool for writers. These SEO Chrome extensions enhance your ability to write and optimize content, resulting in improved rankings in search engine results.

Visit the webpage you wish to enhance. The free version analyzes your on-page copy, providing a rating and suggestions to improve your content. In contrast, the premium version offers suggestions to enhance your position on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Cost: Starting at $45/month, but free version is also available
Ideal For: On-page SEO

5 - MozBar

Mozbar - SEO Chrome Extension

The Mozbar extension allows you to assess a page’s metrics while browsing swiftly. It provides insights into on-page elements such as title, meta, and header tags.

Moreover, it offers SERP analysis, including domain authority and page authority. Each SERP page links to Moz’s Link Explorer tool, which reveals additional information, such as inbound links and the page’s ranking keywords.

Upgrading to the premium version unlocks more advanced features like keyword difficulty, page optimization, and comprehensive SERP metrics.

Cost: Starting at $79. In addition, a free trial is also available
Ideal for: On-page SEO and SERP analysis

6 - Mangools

Mangools - Best SEO Chrome Extension

Mangools is a handy tool for assessing the SEO strength of any website, making it particularly useful for analyzing competitors’ websites. Furthermore, simply visit the website you wish to explore and use the Mangools SEO extension to check the following details:

  • Authority of Domain and page
  • ranking keywords for the website
  • Backlinks

This Chrome extension for SEO also aids in researching websites for potential backlink opportunities.

Cost: Starting at $29.90 per month. In addition, a free 10-day trial is also available.
Ideal for: On-page SEO, backlink research, and competitor tracking

7 - SEO Minion

SEO Minions - Best SEO Chrome Extension

SEO Minion is a free Chrome extension for conducting page audits and identifying broken links. Whether on-page or off-page SEO, this tool has got you covered. Simply visit the page you want to analyze. After that, activate the SEO Minion extension, and it will provide you with a range of insights:

On-page SEO analysis: This feature examines the page’s HTML, including title and meta tags, flagging any issues it uncovers.
Link analysis: SEO Minion’s “Highlight All Links” function showcases all the links on the page. Broken links: The extension checks every link on the page, alerting you to any issues it encounters.
SERP preview: This handy tool shows how the page appears on a Google search result page.

Cost: it’s free
Ideal for: anyone who is seeking a versatile SEO tool.

8 - Keyword Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere - Best SEO Chrome Extension

Keywords Everywhere is a freemium Chrome extension for SEO and is considered one of the best SEO tools. It provides the following information about a specific keyword:

  • The volume of searches per month
  • Trend chart
  • Difficulty of SEO
  • Cost per click (CPC)
  • Competition for Google Ads

You can use this Chrome extension to discover related keywords from your initial keywords. It also allows you to monitor your competitors’ ranking web pages and the keywords they are ranking for.

Cost: Starting at $10 for 100,000 credits, also offer a free basic plan
Ideal for: Keyword research and competitor tracking

9 - Keyword Surfer

Keywords Surfer - Best SEO Chrome Extension

The free version of Keyword Surfer is a robust tool in its own right. This Chrome extension for SEO offers the following features on Google SERPs:

  • Search volume monthly
  • Google Ads (cost per click)
  • Keyword ideas and their estimated search volume

Additionally, it includes a free article outline generator that creates a content outline based on the ranking pages. Upgrading to the paid version unlocks its artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, allowing it to generate custom paragraphs you can copy and edit.

Cost: Price starting at $49/ month. In addition, it also provide a free version.
Ideal for: On-page SEO, tracking competitors, research keywords

10 - Ahrefs

Ahrefs - Best SEO Chrome Extension

Ahrefs is a tool you can add to Chrome to help with SEO. It can check for broken links, track redirects, and give you a detailed report on a webpage’s SEO. Go to the page you want to check and click the Ahrefs extension. It will show the page’s URL rating, backlinks, referring domains, and keywords it ranks for. You can also get more details using Ahref’s Site Explorer tool.

Cost: starting at $28 per year
Perfect for: On-page SEO in detail, check linking

Why do Companies need Chrome Extension for SEO?

It’s hard to stay at the top of search engine ranks in today’s constantly changing digital marketing strategies. On the other hand, major search engines like Google are continually making changes to their algorithms. Because of these changes, website owners and SEO experts need to be adaptable and able to modify their strategies. In this case, it might help to use the best seo chrome extensions.

Data Analysis in Real Time

SEO Chrome extensions give you real-time info and insights that help you make smart choices. In addition, they give you essential information about websites, keywords, and backlinks so you can change your SEO strategies quickly.

Increased Productivity

Some SEO tasks can take a while, but Chrome extension for SEO can speed up many. Furthermore, these plugins save work hours by doing keyword research, on-page SEO, and competition analysis. Moreover, you can focus on strategy and implementation by utilizing these SEO Chrome extensions.

Competitive Edge

Using the best SEO Chrome extensions may give you an edge over competitors. Furthermore, they can help you find opportunities that others might miss, find flaws in your competitors’ strategies, and make the necessary changes to your SEO efforts.


Many SEO Chrome extensions let you do useful things for free or relatively inexpensively compared to separate SEO tools. So, they are a cheap choice, especially for small and new businesses trying to stretch their budgets.

Wrapping Up

I hope you’ve gained valuable insights about Chrome extensions for SEO from the article above. There is no need to limit yourself to using just one of them. You can achieve optimal results by utilizing various tools from the list. Furthermore, It enhances your SEO efforts; try the best SEO Chrome extensions and experience their effectiveness personally.

Moreover, being efficient in this highly competitive field is crucial, and utilizing extensions can significantly assist you in achieving that.

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