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Last Updated on February 24, 2023

Social media management tools, especially the best free social media management tools 2023, are in massive demand these days. Ever wondered why? Because social media is time-consuming. That is the most appropriate way to put it. Managing social media tasks, posting on social media, and monitoring the analytical aspects can be a hassle. This is why it makes sense that social media management tools are so prevalent these days.

However, now that so many options are available, it can be tough to narrow down the tools that are both effective and reasonably priced. The list we have created for you will put an end to your struggle. We have broken down the best free social media management tools for you.

Best Free Social Media Management Tools in 2023





Buffer: Ideal for Scaling

Buffer Best Free Social Media Management Tools

Buffer is one of the best free social media management tools 2023 and is leading the space as one of the best competitors around.

  • There is only one user for Buffer.
  • There are three profiles in total for Buffer.
  • Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are supported platforms by Buffer.
  • Almost ten posts may be scheduled per channel on Buffer.

Key Features of Buffer

The free plan of buffer includes

Posting of schedules: Set the consecutive piece of content in your queue to publish it automatically on the next day or at the time of your choice.

Jumble up the queue: Shuffling your posts’ order gives diversity to your feed. This tactic is helpful if you create bulk social media content based on the same topic.

Google Analytics tracking for campaigns: Keep an eye on the amount of traffic your social media posts produce and adjust your digital marketing strategies accordingly.

Start Landing Pages: Make small landing pages to inform people about your respective business and website. Provide relevant details about your current social media marketing campaigns.

Buffer is an excellent social media tool. The buffer should be your primary choice if you want to scale up your social media marketing activities. Although its free version is available, some merits of its paid version are mentioned below.

Paid Version and Features of Buffer

Your social media marketing strategies continuously need to change and have to be upgraded. In such cases, Buffer can grow along with you.

Important Features for only $6 per Channel Monthly: Covers limitless social media channels up to almost 1500 lined-up posts per channel. It also includes customized videos, important thumbnails, and different campaigns.

Get Team for only $12 per Channel Monthly: Covers extensive users, custom permissions, and officiated reports.

Agency for only $120 monthly for 10-12 Social Channels: Covers google analytics integrations, custom UTM parameters, and approved workflow tools. $6 per channel can be charged for additional media.

Friends+Me: Best for beginners

Friends Plus Me Best Free Social Media Management Tools
  • There are two users for Friends+Me.
  • There are two profiles in total for Friends+Me.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest are supported platforms by Friends+Me.
  • Almost two posts may be scheduled per queue on Friends+Me.
  • Two posts are counted in the free plan of Friends+Me.

Key Features of Friends+Me

The free plan of Friends+Me includes

Scheduling of Posts in Bulk: Create posts in large numbers in a queue. This will save time when you are scheduling manually.

Easy and Smooth Usage: Make sharing of the content easy by utilizing browser extensions and mobile (Android/iOS) apps.

Zapier Integration: This will assist in automating actions such as creating and streamlining new posts. Share content from RSS feeds directly to your Friends+Me account.

The amount of profiles, supported platforms, and streamlined posts are comparatively low at Friends+Me than other free social media tools. Friends + Me is an excellent tool if you are just starting to create a social media presence.

However, on the other side, the free plan permits team collaboration with at least up to one or two members. This trait is not so common amongst other social media management tools.

Paid Version and Features of Friends+Me

Below are four available options, if you are looking for a convenient Friends+Me plan.

Individual at $9 monthly: This covers five to six queues and almost 500 timetabled posts. It additionally consists of ten team members and prime support.

Small at $29 monthly: It covers fifteen queues and around 2000 planned posts. This plan offers 20 team members.

Medium at $59 monthly: This covers 30 queues and 3000 scheduled posts in a row. It offers 30 additional team members.

Large at $259 per month: This plan covers up till 120 queues and almost 5000 posts per queue. It offers 50 team members.

Later - Supported by Most Platforms

Later Free Social Media Management Tools

Later was initially an Instagram tool. It was used to schedule posts on the famous photo-sharing app. Although now, later has become an all-in-one social media management tool.

  • There is only one user for Later.
  • There are six profiles in total for Later.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and Pinterest are supported platforms by Later.
  • Almost ten posts may be scheduled per profile monthly on Later.

Key Features of Later

Some of the significant features of Later

Photo and visual library: Upload all your photos, videos and visual media content in one place. This will make access easier and will save you from clutter.

Visual Instagram Planner: Use a visual Instagram planner to drop media in this section and create appealing posts. Make sure the posts match your brand’s aesthetic requirements.

Add a Short Bio: Small LinkedIn bio attracts traffic to your website. Always remember to add this at the top of your profile.

Numerous free social media management tools support multiple platforms at a time. Although TikTok is often left out. On the brighter side, Later currently offers support to six bigger platforms, including TikTok.

Paid Version and Features of Later

Following are the paid plans later for thirty days.

Start at $15 monthly: It consists of only one user but offers 30 posts per social media profile.

Accelerated Growth at $40 monthly: It consists of three users and equal social media sets. This plan offers 150 posts on each social media profile. Add-on is also available for users.

Higher advancement at $80 monthly: It consists of six users and six social media sets with limitless posts.

CoSchedule: Avail features that go beyond social media

CoSchedule Best Free Social Media Management Tools

CoSchedule is one of the famous and best free social media management tools 2023. Secondly, it also has a unique free version of itself which is known as Marketing Calendar. Not to mention, it rarely disappoints.

  • There is only one user for CoSchedule.
  • There are two profiles in total for CoSchedule.
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are supported platforms by CoSchedule.
  • Almost two messages and posts may be scheduled per queue on CoSchedule.

Key Features of CoSchedule

Some essential features of the CoSchedule and Marketing Calendar are as follows.

Messages and social media campaigns: Streamline one post across all social media channels. You can also manage a series of messages and campaigns to gradually post around all social media.

Manual scheduling: CoSchedule can manually publish all your posts whenever the engagement and traffic are relatively higher and sustainable. You can take a relaxing breath when CoSchedule publishes your posts automatically.

Record of social media history: CoSchedule keeps a record of all social media history up to the previous 60 days’ messages. It also records around 100 former messages, so you can reschedule them easily.

CoSchedule is not restricted to social media scheduling. Furthermore, it provides content management and marketing as well. In short, for email campaigns and blogs, CoSchedule is your go-to software and social media tool.

Paid Version and Features of CoSchedule

Following are the paid plans of CoSchedule.

Pro at $39 monthly: It consists of countless social media published content, bulk content scheduling, automation of social media posts, templates for social media campaigns, and priority support.

Customized quotes for business: It consists of various channels and social media campaigns, automation of the workflow, asset, and storage of file management, timely reporting of team performance, and a lot more.

Wrap up

The best free social media management tools 2023 make keeping a regularized track of your social media activities effortless. Starting from keeping your data in one place makes your job already hassle-free and a little easier. There are some tools that help you in Digital Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.
Free social media management tools act like social media superpowers for you, and you are certainly its superhero. It helps you in more than one way. You can use the keyword to search for conversations or relevant sources of information. The time-saving benefit of free social media management tools tops everything. With the help of an advanced scheduling process, you can adjust your social media online, especially across all platforms simultaneously.

Furthermore, you can also manage your brand’s reputation by using the best free social media management tools 2023. Immediate social listening with this tool will help you quickly respond to negative reviews about your brand. You’d be able to fix the issues more quickly before they spread any further. Free social media management tools can be essentially helpful in creating brand awareness amongst the audience and helping your brand expand. We hope that you will find this article helpful.

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